alternatives to the grouping tool?

  • so I've had a few months now to really get to grips with poser, I finally get how materials and animation works,
    playing around with morphs was fun but now since I've been able to make and customise different kind of figures in zbrush for a while I would love to use those in poser too (I've tried and failed to morph the base characters in poser to what I want but its not working at all and I'm quite frankly tired enough of trying to fix all the detain into the exact same number of polygons that I think rigging will be easier)0_1553269662431_Capture.PNG anyway I tried to follow the rigging tutorial by Teyon but I've hit a few snags along the way in no part helped by that in my opinion (and i absolutely mean no offense with this but) the entire rigging system in poser is a bit off a mess and hard to use especially the grouping tool. that said a bad tool (in my opinion) is way better then no tool,
    so to try and make progress I've been looking into alternatives to the grouping tool, ofcorse if I find no better alternative I will just knuckle down and learn it but I'd much rather use something else if at all possible, speaking of which I've heard before that you can do the grouping in other software, so I was wondering if it is possible to use the polygroups in zbrush for that? and if so how would I import those polygroups/change them to groups in poser?
    another way I've tried to get arrowed this issue is to separate all the polygroups into separate subtools in zbrush then send them to poser via goz, but it just imports them as props, after I convert each and every one to a figure by putting them trough the setup room I now have separate figures with polygroups, but as far as I know I cannot control a polygroup on another figure with the bones in the first one so I would have to combine the figures and polygroups into one figure somehow which the ''combine figures'' option under the figure tab douse not do... any suggestions?

    I've also tried the auto grouping in the setup room and rigging my characters trough mixamo and importing them into poser, the latter is a complete coin toss if it even imports and even when it douse both have usually the same problem in the fact it would take more time to fix the grouping and misalignment of the bones then it would take to rig form scratch

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    Hello and welcome.
    See the video tutorial I posted in this tread please. Hope they help.

    Personally, I use Blender as "grouping tool" but any good 3D software that can crate welded vertex groups is.

  • Just poly group your parts in Zbrush...export the obj, import the OBJ into Poser and follow that/those videos clips

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  • Ok first you have way too many groups there which need their own group (like the eyes sockets should just be on/in the head and not its own group since they will not move or shouldnt anyway) you need to collapse all those layers (merge down) into one figure, then look at all the parts which actually need to be rigged, after you merge it all down ,Shift/Ctrl parts to hide the rest and group those parts and assign poly group to the, then when your done just export as a OBJ and import into Poser (the OBJ) then follow that/those video's

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    @bowmanruto said in alternatives to the grouping tool?:


    Also, check the Poser manual in your documentation folder, (=> There are some examples in there) because Poser uses a convention for the names of its vertex groups
    => => => And the names of the vertex groups and the internal names of the bones MUST be identical.

  • roger that will definitely take a look at that linked tutorial even though the tutorial seem to be for blender specifically (still don't know why I did not find that before) and yea Teyon's tutorial covered the having to name the internal group the same as the bone so I already knew about that part :)

  • found what was causing my group grief, GoZ douse not perserve polygroups going form zbrush to poser, I specifically have to export it as an obj and then import that obj which preserves the groups

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    @bowmanruto What @chk2033 is saying. Just set the polygroups in zbrush and then export the obj file. Only issue with that is that one needs to rename the groups since zbrush gives them numbers. Easy enough in any 3d modeler.

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    PhilC's tutorials (3 vids just above mine on the linked page) are for general rigging, my tutorials are more Blender specific, but the procedure can be done in any 3D app. Just pay attention to the group and bone names.

    Start easy with just hip, abdomen, chest, neck and head and test your workflow. Then add the limbs, and continue into the details when you have a proven and tested workflow.

    best regards, Tony

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    Yeah that's what I meant "the PhilC's Vids"
    Not yours, who wants to see that Shi...…………..
    lol, just joking,
    Later man.