Work for Hire: Poser exp. content creator; runtime testing and QC

  • @dreamcutter Yes,, apparently typed before the coffee took effect.
    Powerworld - lol - We are not control freaks :D

  • @dreamcutter What exactly do you do.? I followed the link to your name, but all I got was information on a miniature lathe.

  • @eclark1849 My name is Peter Martin, and I operate Dream Cutter, a small business in San Diego CA. In October 2018 I bought with John Hoagland of VanishingPoint 3D because we are really enthusiastic with the Poser community. My background is engineering, I was a program manager developing complex systems. When I retired from government contract work in 2007, I got into gold prospecting. That hobby inspired a lot of creativity and ultimately in pursuit of the ultimate gold concentrating device, I created the Dream Cutter compound radial tool along the way. I designed that tool and made the 3d simulations on the website with Alibre CAD. I got very much interested in 3d figure modeling and animation. Simulation led to figure-amation and that led me to Poser 9. I fell in love with Poser, quirks and all. I used PoserPro to rig characters and props I modeled in ZBrush. I used these figures for 3d games and webgl media for websites like Poser 10 GDE seemed built to my specifications. While the GDE version is brilliant, Poser 11's FBX support makes it all magical for me. I am not rigid, I also animate and render a lot with E-on Software's Vue and DAZ Sudio 3D. But Poser's rigging is central to most of my works.

    I was sad to see E-On close Cornucopia3d, but even more sad when Content Paradise shut down. When John mentioned PoserWorld closing, it was an opportunity we felt compelled to pursue. We want to do it right so before we officially re-open we will make sure our visitors know we are commuted to the Poser community for eons. We have put a lot of work into it, but still lots more to go before we announce we are fully open for business. Development is on goring on the site live, so you can see our progress at PoserWorld,com as it is built.

  • @dreamcutter I'll keep an eye out then.

  • Just read this thread. I'm so glad to hear Poser World isn't going away!

  • @janet
    FYI Yes, PoserWorld is coming back. We realize the store has been down since April 24, we expect to have it back by May 5, for a grand re-opening on the 15th. The new website has been affected by a worldwide disaster at A2 hosting where all of thier Windows servers have been pulled off line for past 9 days. Its a setback but we are prepared to overcome this challenge.

  • @dreamcutter I need to know where to list you. Are you going to be a work for hire site, or an online store like the old Poserworld?

  • @dreamcutter In the Poser Directory, that is.

  • Thanks. We are Poser content store, we are resuming the services of the legacy store and producing more 3d content in-house and brokered. We will be focusing on contemporary and historic real world figures, props and costume.

  • @dreamcutter Then I'll be looking for you on the 15th, unless you contact me with other news. And I'll be listing you in Online Stores.

  • @eclark1849
    An update on PoserWorld site rebuild , we will be delayed at least until June 1. Reason is because most Web Server Hosting providers discontinued offering Windows hosting now that hackers are proficient with the NSA tool set. Web hosts that still are offering Windows are slow and expensive to work with because you must have local human support to perform tasks normally accomplished through remote connection.

  • @dreamcutter Message received.

  • I wish I had a much better computer. I wouldn't be able to help with most things (have know idea around rigging etc) but I'd love to be paid for promo renders and testing :D