nVidia Driver update has 2 flavours

  • I just updated my nVidia driver, and I noticed it gives me a choice to install one of 2 versions:
    For games or for artistic creators ! I don't know how much of a difference it makes for Poser use, but I opted for the latter.

  • Here is a screen capture - 0_1553665840881_GeForce Experience 27 Mar 2019 1_36_53 PM.png

    Cycles support - improvement in performance.

  • @ibr_remote It is a screenshot from my machine

  • @ibr_remote sorry - it is a large file, here is a reduced colour version if the large one doesn't load properly for you:

    0_1553666263761_GeForce Experience 27 Mar 2019 1_36_53 PMX.jpg

  • Looks like nVidia are following through on their announcement last week that their DXR (ray-tracing) technology is being enabled on non-RTX cards!

    That's from the GTX 1060 onwards.

  • Hi there

    I think there two versions of drivers Creator and Game ready drivers, if there is any difference hard to say between the drivers, didn't tried new drivers and usually I don't update all the time drivers, will wait on actual benchmark if its worth it to upgrade

    Last drivers caused few issues in SuperFly and IRAY or in Octane due this I would rather wait on actual benchmark, will probably try later on but still not sure if its worth it to install

    Hope this helps

    Thanks, Jura

  • I am NOT a technical guru, more a novice and I am starting to research prior to purchasing a new PC. I asked around my work place as there are a lot of gamers in the building and I figured Poser and games would require very similar graphic capabilities. One person wanted to know the ray tracing requirements I needed because nVidia cards (higher or newer specs) now support "real time" ray tracing because games need this. I figure that as Poser renders an image and all we see is the preview I don't need real time ray tracing. This may be a point of difference between the two target groups nVidia is supplying to.

  • There are actually 4 new driver types.
    It isn't just gaming and creator, there is also a DCH driver option as well.

    DCH is a new type of driver, for the Universal Windows Platform.
    The purpose of these drivers is so multiple Windows based platforms can run the same programs.
    IE:, Arm Snapdragon versus Intel based cpu, etc.

    I don't recommend using DCH drivers unless you are very tech savy.
    Or you have a brand new system that already uses DCH drivers.