Help with the Path Palette

  • I'm trying to set a camera path for the Dolly Cam and I'm really not understanding this thing at all.

    1: I can set a very basic path, but if I add more to it then the path points seem to sometimes add to the center or the end of the path. It seems very random.

    2: What does the "Lock on Object" option do? I've added a figure and can't figure out if it's meant to follow with the cam or not, so for now I just used the "point at" option which does the job.

    3: There's no way to undo any changed I make to the paths, so if I changed something and I don't like it, there's no way to go back a step.

    4: I seem to lose the path part of the... uh path. I can see the anchor points and move them but the actual damn line/path vanishes and I can't figure out how to bring it back.

    5: If your GUI scale isn't 1, the text in the path palette gets completely screwed up. I use .9 - .95 and the palette is unusable at anything but the default GUI scale.

    Is it just me or this thing beyond buggy?