La where?

  • Hello. I (very much a newbie) recently took advantage of the free figure 'La Femme' and went through the 'buying' process but of course it's free. I downloaded the zip but now cannot find it on my system. I have carried a search of windows and of my PC and have inspected my poser content folder. Could someone kindly tell me how to download the file again please. I must admit I am still getting to grips with installing content to poser, I'll get it in the end.................hopefully.
    Have a nice day.

  • @catdancing Do you have a download folder where all of the files you download from the internet go into your computer?

  • @catdancing the files will be in your default download folder UNLESS you chose to save them elsewhere. Windows search frequently misses things so make sure that when you search you are typing the filename correctly "LaFemme" instead of "La Femme" ( case should not matter - but try to keep the same case anyway ) or do a search for "*.zip" and that will find all zip files in your search area.

  • And, if you do need to re-download, just go to the main Renderosity page, click the arrow next to your user name and click on Account. Your orders will be listed and you can click on the order number to get to the zip files to download.


  • Well, thank you all for your response which will certainly add to my knowledge base. I now have to admit to feeling a bit of a numpty. Upon closer investigation, I discover that I had not downloaded the file after-all. I had not seen the acknowledgement email from Renderosity so subsequently, had not clicked on the download link. Thanks for your guidance.