Dynamic Cloth dilemma - Simulating layers of clothing probs. Can anyone help?

  • Hello. I am a Poser user and just new with Marvelous Designer. I've been rattling my brain for the longest in trying to do dynamic clothing of one of my Summer Top/Pants/Sarong Dress set for the new figure La Femme. I can't for the life of me get the dress part to work in simulation, no matter how I separate or create another simulation for it. I tried to constrain the tip end of the clothing so it won't fall off the figure, then let said Sarong drape or clothe through the leggings. No dice!

    Granted, the leggins worked, however, I had to constrain the tip end. I should have made a lining point at MD then take it from there. But trying to clothe/drape in layers is a problem. IIRC, there were some situations where Poser can be a challenge with doing layers in the simulation.

    Has anyone encounter this when trying to do dynamic clothing. Is there a step I have missed doing?

    I don't know a stitch (no pun intended) about rigging and conform clothing, but I feel a bit comfortable with doing dynamic clothing and this has been quite a dilemma for me. Can someone help?

    0_1553929526745_Cloth Sarong Leggins Sim Prob0a.png
    Pants work okay.

    0_1553929548566_Cloth Sarong Leggins Sim Prob1.png
    Pants and Sarong Sim, with the dress simulating oddly. The Sarong has a lining at the top that was constrained, thus it led to the problem. Tried Constrained (lining) and Choreographed and Decorated (Sarong), odd to worse results...

  • @jartz I will make one suggestion. Don't actually let the layers touch or intersect. That includes the mesh of the figure as well. Also, try to guess the weight of the "cloth". This, in turn, will affect how well it drapes.

  • I'm leaning towards what eclark said. The was the pants lay at the top of the thigh, it looks like there's not much room there. You can try reducing the collision offset and collision depth down to .1 on both simulations. You also might try starting the skirt simulation a few frames after the pants sim. Just be sure to start it before the leg intersects. This way, the skirt isn't getting caught up in the folds of the pants as they're forming.

  • The way I do these is create a sim for the trousers, offset say 0.2 the create a sim for the sarong and have it collide with V4 at 0.3~0.4 and the trousers 0.1 On frame one scale the trousers down on X and Z until they are beneath the sarong (make sure they are back at 100% on the last frame. select the sarong and run that simulation, the trousers will gradually move outwards to intersect. For multi layers I also make sure all 3 options on the simulation are set 0_1553953762322_862b49fd-e114-44f0-94d3-1eaffca93bf1-image.png

    Also increaing the steps can help to prevent pokethrough

    Try and not have large movements during your sim

  • Poser cloth room is not good at working with layers. That is one of the reasons I developed the MDBridge for Poser. (Beta avalilable in Rendo freestuff, update in the making)
    The issue with the sarong to me seems the very nice detail of the closure of the pants. That sort of geometries can act as a ' black hole' when used as collision object for any other geometries laying over them.
    If you cannot avoid having them in lower garment layers, say if the sarong is transparent, cover that lower layer with a smooth invisible 'cloak' that you can use as a collision surface.

  • Thanks all for your suggestions. I'll see what I can get with the Cloth Room. You're right Fverbass, it's been a challenge, and I've been contemplating on doing a Dynamic of just the Top and Leggins, as I stated, I'm not good at rigging and feel a bit at home with dynamics. I look forward to your MD Bridge.

  • Well, that does look odd. This doesn't look like typical sarong wrap. And the material is odd, too for me. I feel like not understanding fashion.