Does Poser read 16 bit TIFFs properly?

  • I dimly remember some discussion on this, but I don't seem to have retained any notes - or memory - of the outcome.

    Can I use TIFF images with more than 8 bits per channel as they are in the material room, or do I need to downgrade them first? The ones I've tried so far seem to be working, but without the ability to make a 16 bit test image I can't be certain. I'm specifically asking about Poser 11 Firefly, but if there are differences relating to Superfly then please let us know!

  • @englishbob

    Just make sure that they are 16-bit with no alpha/transparency channel. If you see a blue tinge to your texture maps when you import them into the image node, just remove the alpha channels from the TIF (or PNG) and it should be OK.

  • @deecey Thanks! I'm using displacement and normal maps at the moment, so no alpha channel. The preview pane on the image node seems to have trouble displaying them, but I'm assuming that this is a shortcoming of the preview and that the render process handles them properly.