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  • Nerd can you help me out with your Splash Tool? I have Cessna 208 Caravan Flying Boat which is animated taxiing along preparing for take off.I have purchased your Splash tool and with the Ski Wake I am trying to set it up parented to the floats of my aircraft.First of all I need to know what figure or prop from the Splash Tool I use to parent to parent to the floats. As I want to animate the wake as the aircraft is moving along. How do I extend the animation again parented to each float as the aircraft gathers speed ready for take off? Finally can the Splash Tool create a water spray mist as the aircraft takes off? I have tried to upload a movie sequence but I keep getting told the files are too big! Cheers Charlie (arrow1)0_1480462584227_Cessna Caravan_0170.png

  • Actually the splash tool doesn't need to be parented to the plane. Use the EZ-Pose dials in the tool to make the emitters into a straight line. There's actually a preset included that will get you very close. In the Splash tool's pose folder look for "Water Ski 30". It will create a very similar wake. Probably need to be scaled up a bit. If you need as longer wake just hook 2 of the splash tools together and activate them in sequence.

    The mist behind the plane, the prop wash, may be better handled with the "Dust and Trail tool". It's original purpose was to create aircraft contrails. You may have seen the B-17s image I created with that.

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    This sounds like a particles system. Can a user modify the materials? Can the materials use maps, or is it only procedural?

  • Nerd,Many thanks for your reply.I am a novice when it comes to these sort of tools and I wonder if you would do a tutorial for me on what you mean by linking two Splash tools together and scaling and how to animate a 200 frames wake.I am also using your water disc from Waves on the Beach which I find is a great product. I have spent hours upon hours trying without success to make anything like an animated wake for the float plane. It is a 200 frame animation and the ski wake is only 30 frames. Put the two together I only get 60 frames.
    Any help would be much appreciated. Cheers Charlie (arrow1)

  • Pinging for animation information. Let's go, Chuck!