Fitting room issue with PE

  • Project Evolution is my "go to" female character and I hope for more support for her. That said I am currently converting V4 clothing with, mostly, very good results. With Terrymcg and Evilkoolade"s Batgirl Cosplay costume I have run into issues. The belt had issues using Evogenesis mannequins in regard to the bat emblem so I used Hexagon to resize etc. the belt. I then used the fitting room and skin mannequin to conform it PE. The result is shown in the following picture. The bat symbol on the belt has a hole where PE's belly button is. This isn't seen in the preview, only in the final render. Does anyone know how to fix this?
    PS. Gloves don't work so well, so I have a transparent texture for arms and also legs. The boots also need to go to Hexagon for a tweak, the soles always distort.

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    The morph brush would be your fastest option.
    You can also go slightly over the gloves as I think there is some poking also, and you can use the same too to "soften" the sharp wrinkles on the feet and soften the breasts undersides.
    Have fun with your project.

  • @vilters Thanks vilters, I'll read up on the morph brush in the manual. There are also issues with the body suit under the arm pits and there is an extra crease in a V shape in the hip. The morph brush may also help with issue using the mannequins with masks, they seem to have a concave effect in the forehead.

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    Aha, it is a fitting room session outcome.
    There are multiple pots here, but you might want to read this one.
    Split Grouped vertex issue

  • @vilters
    Thanks Vilters. The best sucess I have had converting clothing is to uncheck copy morphs and also auto group, just leaving zero figure. Then using the figure menu to copy morphs and joint zone and where required copy morphs from the original V4 clothing. I also rename the poser generated .obj and use the original renamed for the cr2 file to call.

    In the batgirl belt I may have left auto group checked as I was using a new .obj I modified in Hex. I might run the .obj prop through the fitting room again, starting from scratch.

  • @tumble-weed the usual problem with conformed boots is that, if the joint zones are copied to the boots from the figure, they're typically only just big enough to move all the vertices of the toes and foot on the figure. If they're done using the legacy spherical zones, it's sometimes enough to just make the zones a bit bigger or move them slightly to get the boot toes completely surrounded.

    If they're actual weight map zones, some observation and a bit of painting can usually resolve the issues without too much distortion. The important part is that the joint centres match the base figure, which they will if the joints have been copied.
    0_1554968593324_Screen Shot 2019-04-11 at 5.42.41 pm.png

  • @anomalaus Thank you. I'll give that a go. I have been a pit timid with the joint editor since weight mapped figures entered the scene. But I have absolutely heaps of content for V4 that I want to use with PE one.

  • @tumble-weed It could be that you transferred the belly control handle from the mannequin in the fitting room. You need to rig the belt using auto grouping without including any control handles (probably hip, waist, abdomen). Including the handles in auto grouping tears holes out of the mesh. Then run the new belt through the fitting room again without using auto grouping, when you can transfer morphs and add the control handles. We discovered this work-around during beta testing, and the mannequin is still a beta.

  • @robzhena Thank you. I did thing it was something like that. I usually don't auto group in the fitting room because the groups should be there already. But with the belt, the bat symbol buckle distorted badly, so I tweaked the size in Hexagon then ran the clean .obj as a prop, in the fitting room. I'll try again with the prop and not use auto group and see what happens.