Do we still really have to type the name of a file when re-saving?

  • I took a break from Poser a few years ago, only using it occasionally in a more general purpose kind of way. One of my biggest complaints had always been that the process of saving content seems fundamentally broken.
    For example, if I load a scene from the file requestor it handily shows up in my list of recent files. But re-saving the scene seems to fail to create/update the library thumbnail. If I want a library thumbnail I have to save to the library palette. And look at that... There is no way to overwrite an existing file without typing its name every time. The scene has a name, it is visible in the document window. So why does the save requestor default to "New Set"? Specifically, why does it still do this in 2019? Why is the hierarchy palette still botched? Why is .png compression ignored when changing to .jpg and back?
    I don't know what I expected, just sad to see the most recent version released still has these same old problems no other previous owner of the program could be bothered to fix.

  • @moogaloonie
    If I have understood your question correctly, you are loading a scene from library > scene under the runtime hierarchy. If you want to save a new scene it defaults to ask for a new name because it is assumed you have modified the scene and want to save to updated scene. If you overwrite the scene the thumbnail remains the same because it has the same name as the scene file. A new name scene will have anew thumbnail.

    Everyone has their own work flow. I create a folder on a drive called the version of Poser I am using then have sub folders called image and the main avatar I am using and a corresponding scene folders for each avatar to save the scenes in.

    I only use the library folders to save avatars I have clothed added hair, textures etc. so I don't need to reproduce this again to use the same character. I do the same with the scene folder, but usually only to save a built up scene with lights etc, no avatars, for future use.