What am I missing??

  • I'm very new and just experimenting, but I keep running into problems when I make poses... Essentially, no matter what clothes I try, once I move the character, the clothes don't fully follow the body part which results in really, really confusing previews. Is there a setting I need to turn on to make sure that the pants that a character is wearing, for example, follow their legs when their legs move?

  • @newoski
    figure menu>conform to...


    drag your clothing item from the library window and drop it on your figure.

  • First, let's make sure the clothing you are using is supposed to conform and follow your pose. Can you provide a little more information? Which figure? What clothing? What version of Poser?

    It depends on how old the items are that you are trying to use if the clothing is even supposed to follow a pose. Additionally, if the clothing you are using isn't intended for that specific figure, it's not likely to ever follow a pose. Then, it's entirely possible the clothing you are using is intended and rigged as dynamic cloth which will only follow the pose after running a simulation in the cloth room.

    So, fill us in with a little bit of information and we'll try to help you.