P11 V4 to PE Conversion (Exnem's V4 Bodyhair)

  • Hello folks,

    Can I get some advice on how best to make Exnem's V4 Bodyhair fit PE, please? I've tried copying joint zones and then using the tighten morph brush tool, but it's flattening the hair, when I want it to only tighten the base of the hair to the skin. I haven't even got to the point of making sure it all stays flush during posing either.

    If this can't be done, is there anyone out there willing to make a PE specific product like this, please? I am willing to negotiate payment prior to commencement and am, of course, willing to help as best I can.

    This is essential for my Annie character, she isn't Annie without fuzz!


  • I don't have the bodyhair to test this, but if the base has a separate material zone, you can restrict to that. It might do what you're wanting.

  • @glen85 said in P11 V4 to PE Conversion (Exnem's V4 Bodyhair):


    You can try the PE content development kit available at CGBytes. It does contain a pretty good V4-PE transform utility.

  • @redphantom No base material to do that, unfortunately, thanks though.

    @F_Verbaas I've just found it and will buy that when I get paid, thanks! Hopefully, that lets me convert even more stuff over!

  • If you have Pro, the fitting room will do it, Position it manually to taste, go to the fitting room, and create figure without first clicking the fit button.