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  • Hello been years since I was on here. In poser Is it possible to register a face with the face room so That you can go in and adjust the features?


  • @jmickey Most, if not all e-frontier and Smith Micro Poser figures are recognized by the Face Room. Also, I believe, Apollo Maximus. Aside from those as far as I can recall, will work in the Poser Face room. I won't bother to explain why. Let some one else have that fun. It is possible to register, just really expensive.

  • @eclark1849

    Making a figure Face Room compatible is not a trivial task. That should suffice for an explanation.

  • @deecey okay.

  • thanks for the replies people. not trivial and expensive .not answers i hoped for. oh well.
    just for amusement is there somewhere to locate the info on that. always like to know how hard the wall i put my head to is.


  • @jmickey You could try asking @h.elwood.gilliland from Smith Micro. He probably knows.

  • @eclark1849

    I used to handle Face Room compatibility when I worked at SM. I'm very aware of what is involved, and it is quite complex. The process is lengthy and relies on internal/proprietary scripts that compile the necessary face room data that is distributed with the Poser software.

  • @deecey I don't wish to animate any zombies that should remain at rest, but are you able to reveal whether there was a costing model which would explain who it was intended would bear the cost of making a figure face-room compatible? For example, an understanding that being able to label a figure as face-room-compatible would raise its profile and increase profits for the vendor, who should therefore bear the entire cost - unless they decided to pass on that cost to the figure's purchasers. [Hardly a consideration now, I would imagine, apart from the inherent labour cost of providing such compatibility, for a now-freely available figure]

    Would you guess whether it might be worthwhile for a group of users to attempt to crowdfund/kickstart such an exercise for a chosen figure, or would it require input from or permission of the vendor of that figure?

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    Hi, so sorry to bring bad news but.
    The face room (as was the hair room) was based on outside software back in Poser5 days.
    To answer your question directly;
    A figure alone can never raise the money to justify faceroom compatibility costs. (Yes, they are that high.)

  • @vilters thanks for the input. I had a bunch of questions about pricing models, but I think I should clarify exactly what we're talking about.

    Perhaps @h-elwood-gilliland or @Deecey would care to comment on whether I am mistaken in thinking that the Face Room is based on Singular Inversions Inc.'s Face Gen SDK? I note the reference on Poser's About dialog, and that their web site still has a relatively recent "©2018".

    If one threw out a wild speculation that ownership of said SDK (notably POA* on the site) might be a useful starting point to producing one's own Face Room Compatibility, would one immediately notice the accelerating approach of the event horizon and the rearward emanation of smouldering canvas shards [get shot down], or simply be shown a NDA card?

    [* Price On Application]

  • There are plenty face maniplation and face generation tools available today.
    Maybe move the face room to the 'legacy functions' department and look for a fresh start.
    The result, in the end, is a geometry or geometry morph that Poser can handle irrespective of where it comes from.

  • Something like this.

  • @fverbaas My personal belief in the Face Room is that it has run its course and it is time to get rid of it.

  • @eclark1849
    What's in a name?