progress on my current project, is it possible to add an image texture to a toon render?

  • hello again,

    I've finally managed to get a (mostly) made form scratch figure in poser working (yay) and ''all I've got to do now'' (famous last words) is to paint the detail onto the clothes, like for example adding the white belt, belt buckle and studs to the pants... but it seems thats gonna be easier said then done.
    I really like how the ''set up toon render looks for this anime character as a base layer, but is there a way to add texture map to the alternate diffuse whist keeping the toon shader which is propably the best way to add those details without having to re group parts or add more geo? I'm most likely just flatout missing something so hopefully someone with more experience in the material room and with material nodes can help me figure this out, if it is not possible to add a texture map to a toon shader is there a workaround like for example exporting the toon shader as an image so I can use it to make a texture map with the base color baked in or something like that?
    in any case any help with figuring this out would be much appreciated :D

    alt text

    also for context here is the image I based the character/pose on, I used an anime head with morphs I found online (will put credit here once I find who's it was again, had to try a lot of different ones before I got one that worked with poser and lined up well with one of the figures) and put it on a jessi body, fixed the seam, sculpted the clothes, hair and added uv's in zbrush, rigged it in poser and aside form the feet I think I got about as close to the image as my current skills allow (should really remember to add ankle and toe bones to the shoes next time x) still I would say it went really well :D ( and yes I still have to sculpt the gun but thats gonna be the easy part given how much reference images there are for it :P)
    alt text

  • yes, you can paint details on the texture maps for the item as long as it is UV mapped. It's the same thing as the texture maps for your figures face and body etc.

  • I think I found out why I could not get the image map to stick, turns out the new head douse not have UV's so combining the new head with the old body messed up the UV's on the body, unfortunately the GoZ functionality seems to be only one way

  • so after taking a day to set up new uv's and only focus on one part I still got garbled results, on the right is what it looks like after I've painted it in substance painter, on the left is the node setup and what I actually get once i plug it into poser... wth am I doing wrong??? also this is not even the rigged or grouped version of the shoe its just the base object with a group named ''base'' that has all polygons grouped to the base material so as far as I can tell it should just work, but it dousen't and I have no Idea what I'm doing wrong
    alt text

  • @bowmanruto my only thought is that texture_coords (on the texture map in Poser) needs to be changed to something else.