"Failed to retrieve file times" Startup Error

  • My hard drive crashed about a week ago, but fortunately, I'd backed up my most important files, and what I lost will be tedious though not impossible to reconstruct. As part of the re-establishment process, I've re-installed Poser and my Runtime, but every time I start it up, I get this.


    As far as I can tell, UserDell (me) has full read/write access to the folder listed, though the check marks indicating that are all grayed out. Any ideas?

  • @glossaphile I get an error every time on startup and when I click on the material library for the first time. Everything works fine though so I just live with it. the error I get is probably the same you are.

  • I would suggest you move your DSON Content library to public documents unless you have good reason not to and then delete the current library from poser and add it again from the new location. Just because you have access to this folder doesn't mean Poser has.

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    Grayed out? Then perhaps they don't apply.

    Folders can inherit (wrong) permissions from parent folders. Look up the parent chain for permission settings that apply to children.