problems with latest nvdia drivers?

  • I use two cards, a GTX 970 and GTX 980. Lately the 970 will lag way behind the 980 to the point that I'd get better render times if I just don't use it. I used to get that same problem when a scene took up too much ram (when going over 4GB) but now I'm having issues with it all the time even though a scene might be under 3GB.

    Anybody else having issues like this? How do I roll back my nvdia driver?

  • Hi @ghostship

    I'm still on 417.71 which works OK for me and this driver seems is best for RTX 2080Ti, for yours GPUs I would suggest 388.13 or 399.24 drivers which I have used previously on my PC and these drivers have been most stable

    I suspect these drivers which you have installed have memory leak, can you check GPU usage and GPU VRAM usage in rendering, you can check that with HWiNFO or GPU-Z

    For uninstall drivers I recommend to use DDU(Display Driver Uninstaller) its free app and would recommend pull network cable during the using DDU because Windows will try to install their latest drivers which can be rubbish

    Other than that check if GPU are running in PCI_E speeds x8 or what speeds

    Hope this helps

    Thanks, Jura