Mac Users: Are Latest DSON and Reality Plugins working on PoserPro (v 11.0.3) under OS X 10.11.4 (El Capitan)?

  • It's Great to have this new forum, very glad to have found it... Question of users of Latest Mac OS X (El Capitan) release:

    Have all the issues that were caused by the initial OS X Upgrade to 10.11.0 been fixed with the latest updates that are out there for these 4 items?

    Are those of you running OS X (v10.11.4), with latest Service Release to Poser Pro (v11.0.3.xxxxx), able to run latest DSON Importer (v1.2.0.12) and Reality (v4.2.1.xxxx) plugins without any problems?

    I made the mistake of early adoption of El Capitan before a few of its updates, and suffered it "killing" several of my legacy programs, including Poser Pro 11 and creating issues with those Plugins. I actually "fell back" to my old OS (Yosemite) to stop the problems. I know Reality developers worked very quickly to identify and fix the issue in their product. Not real clear if the older DSON Importer Plugin has been changed at all; but since release of OS there have been several updates, as well as the new service release for Poser...

    Would love to have a few folks indicate that things are OK for them before I attempt the UPDate again...

    Thanks in advance...

  • Are those of you running OS X (v10.11.4), with latest Service Release to Poser Pro (v11.0.3.xxxxx), able to run latest DSON Importer (v1.2.0.12) and Reality (v4.2.1.xxxx) plugins without any problems?

    I don't actually use Genesis/DSON or Reality any more, but I have the latest versions of everything, as in your question. This quick load/pose/render worked fine.


  • Hmm... I didn't check the Reality materials - they were all set to Glossy. I have no idea if Reality is supposed to recognise Genesis as a human figure with skin etc. but it didn't.

    The background stripes and patch of light under the ball were caused by an IBL which I forgot to switch off in Reality (I use it just as a preview light with Poser SF).

  • @chriswwd Thanks!! Hopefully you're not alone, I'll see if some others are working away without issues using those Plugins.

    I (along with a bunch of others) had all kinds of issues following the upgrade to the first release of El Capitan. I don't know if you experienced it, but if you were running Reality v4 Plugin Or the DSON Importer Plugin in Poser 11, after the El Capitan upgrade Poser would crash on start up every time. You basically had to remove those plugins from the python folder to even get Poser to start up... I know that Paolo at Pret-a-3D quickly found out what the issue was and put out a patch right away for his Reality product (Which is/was awesome BTW). But the DSON Importer was still an issue... And since the Upgrade also killed some of my older legacy Video editing software, I just reverted back to Yosemite...

    Anyway, that was several updates and patches ago for everything, so I'm hopeful the "Glitches" have all been worked out... Sounds and looks like things are working for you, and that is great news. Thanks again ...


  • I have no problems at all with Poser Pro 11 since the fixes to El Capitan. DSON works fine. I do not use Reality, but if you search the boards, you will find that problem was resolved before the general fix to the OS.

  • We released a Poser update to work around the stability issues in OS X 10.11.0, but it seemed like Apple addressed it in 10.11.1 as well. So even software that hasn't been updated should continue to work in OS X versions 10.11.1 or newer.

  • Thanks All... Sounds like it is safe to update now... I appreciate the feedback....


  • Answer = Yes They Do... Just Moved to El Capitan (v10.11.4), Opened Poser Pro 11 (v11.0.3), did a quick DSON Import of DAZ Genesis 2 Character (Michael 6), added a single spot light, fired up Reality (v4.2.1), used defaults for practically everything and generated the following.... Thanks Again to all who made me feel comfortable to apply the latest update to OS X.