Perspective ruler

  • Hi folks
    I've recently started trying to use the perspective ruler tool. Followed instructions from a few tutorials but for some reason when I try to create the ruler (whatever the point perspective) the rulers are created but the are no handles/manipulators to adjust my perspective lines. I've clicked the object tool but nothing happens when i click on the line with either my stylus or mouse....nothing.

    Hoping that someone has a solution as I'm trying to level up on my backgrounds and environments and the perspective guides tool looks really useful. Any help is much appreciated.

  • Should work.... only thing I can think of is that if you click the "selectable Object" control of the Object tool it must show Ruler as one of the selectable object types... if that is not checked then it would behave as you describe.

    Personally I think its better to use the menu option ( Layer>Ruler-frame>create perspective ruler ) than to use the tool but either way you need to get that Object tool working.