Many face morphs not working on my V4 model...

  • Hi,
    This is a weird thing I've got going on here...
    I've been making several V4 characters with the DAZ original model I purchased but I've found that some of my new creations are refusing to co-operate with morphs when I try to create expressions.

    Specifically, I'm trying to adjust the face in Morphs I Expressions -> Base
    Many of the adjustments simply have no effect - 2 examples are MouthOpenWide and Browsqueeze.
    I can adjust the dials to maximum and it makes no difference to the model. Some (such as BrowInnerUp-Down) might move a bit but nowhere near as much as they should.

    Over time, I have started using some of the dials for Full Head & Face such as Samantha / Becky / Emma etc. I was wondering whether they are interfering somehow but I can see that they don't affect every character.

    I've delved a little into the menu that pops up on the dials list and looked at Dependencies and Master Synched etc. but although I don't know exactly what the Synching is, it doesn't seem to matter.

    Does anyone have any idea why the dials don't work? Have I set a parameter somewhere that I shouldn't have??!!
    I'm using Poser 11 BTW
    Don't hesitate to ask if you need any more info.

    Many thanks!!


  • I had this problem with Mike and ended up having to uninstall and reinstall him using Daz's download manager. I think it took a few tries to get it to work.

  • @rsk nice Rickenbacker tailpiece.

  • @ghostship
    Well... thanks! I like to strum while I'm waiting for a render to finish... :)