Work for Hire: SVG frame animations of simple hand gestures

  • I'm looking for someone to create SVG frame animations of a hand performing gestures. The animations illustrate my patented system for gesturing to input text into touchscreen devices (see Their purpose is to teach the gesture system via both the web and mobile apps.

    All told, I need 4 image stills and 4 animations spanning about 8 seconds when played at the slowest possible speed. The hands are rendered outlined with minimal shading, but I need help finding a way to clearly distinguish fingers that are touching the touchscreen from fingers that are lifted.

    Before I commit, I'd like to get a sense that you can render in a suitable style and that you can find a way to distinguish fingers that are touching the gesture surface from those that are not. I've also split the project into phases to make sure work doesn’t need to be redone.

    I need the animations by June 14th.

    Please contact me at to receive the 23-page specification. There is a potential for follow-up work later as I learn what else I need. Thank you!

  • @jtlapp

    Just a quick note that Poser doesn't output to SVG format directly. You'll need to find something that will convert Poser image or movie formats to SVG.

    Image outputs from Poser Pro include PNG, TIF, BMP, TGA, JPG, and PSD.
    Movies can be output as image files (same formats as above), or to MP4, iPhone movies, iPad movies, Android movies, AVI, and WMV.

  • Thank you @deecey. It seems to me that none of those output formats preserve vectors, except for maybe PDF. I want vectors so that I can make lines thicker in smaller renderings, thinner in larger renderings, and so I can easily change the colors.

  • Then the gestures can best be modelled with an arrow object that appears in the animation. Thus your vector represetation would be in Poser animation and you simply re-render the animation to the size, color and view that you need for your purposes.
    P.s. I like the idea of the writing by tapping.

  • Excellent! Thank you! I now have someone for the job, but I don't know if they'll be using Poser. I'll forward your suggestion. Thanks so much!