Darkseal's Magical Beasts and where to find them

  • Hi All!
    Craving custom figures? Tired of the constant never ending line of G characters that look identical? Ok ok, for real...

    I've been making content for the poser (and daz) marketplaces since 2009. It's been 10 years of non-stop figures, skins, tutorials, props, and morph injections. When Content Paradise pulled the plug on it's marketplace it was a sad sad day, and with that marked the end of an era for my income. CP was the one store out there that didn't sell ads to be on top, wasn't pushing to take half, AND didn't overwhelm the creator with putting their items into the basement trash bin sale section before removing it from existence. Another site, which shale not be named, has a bunch of my items still up and available... but because I cater to poser anything NEW I make goes into the dirt cheap sale bin upon release and never sees action ever again.

    So what's a creator to do? You can find my newer items listed for sale at my Gumroad.com/darkseal
    And, if you are so inclined, can support me over on Patreon.com/Darkseal
    Last but not least there is always the youtube.com/user/DarksealStudios
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  • @darkseal You could tell me about it so I can list you in my directory. I might start selling ads soon, so you can always go that route.