Background picture non in the image render

  • Hi,
    i buy Poser 11.1 but before i used Poser 4.
    I put a background picture (import) and after "close the ground" in Hierarchy scene. I see my background picture. No problem.
    But when i save the picture render my background picture is not present.
    If body can help me.
    Thanks you.

  • @roccesar what image format are you saving the render as? Poser now (partially) supports Alpha masks in PNG files. If the background in the scene has an alpha mask applied to it (as I think Poser likes to do), image viewers outside Poser may display this as a transparent part of the image. The "Construct" ground object, not being the true background, doesn't incur such alpha masking.

    You could try saving the render as JPG, which doesn't support alpha by default (IIRC, not sure) and see what your viewer shows, for comparison. If you're happy to post such a transparent background render here, just click on the black cloud icon with an up arrow, and select the image in the file browser. If it's NSFW, click the eye with a slash icon to the right, before uploading the file.

  • @roccesar Can you show us what you got?