Python Scripts That Work With Poser 11 Pro

  • I was doing a bit of rearranging yesterday in my Runtimes and Poser directory and horrified to see the number of python scripts that I have. It got me to wondering how many actually still work because as I have upgraded Poser, I have always brought across my Python scripts. I'm wondering if there should be a thread or something that has a list of what does and doesn't work with the latest Poser version?

  • @tastiger I don't know if anyone would want to compile a list for all of the Python scripts that work in a given version of poser; just compiling a list of all Python scripts for Poser is a huge task, let alone testing them.

    What I wish was practical was an automated way of getting at least some of the older scripts to work with newer versions of Poser. A scanner that could look for deprecated commands and supply newer versions to replace them would be handy. Or even part of that might be useful for your suggestion: scan for deprecated commands. If you find one, that script won't work.

    I've written exactly two small scripts in Python (one of them lists all of your cameras; the other one renames all of your shadow cameras according to the name of the light it's associated with), so I lack the skills to write either a scanner or a repair program. :-(

    I'm a full-time caretaker for my wife right now, so I don't have the time or will power to teach myself enough Python to do it, either. :-(

  • @thalek
    I am also a full time carer, so in the same boat as you, I do like your idea of a scanner for depreciated commands.

  • @tastiger Usually it is compiled (.pyc) scripts that are the problem rather than .py files mainly because the version of python changes between releases and that breaks the compiled versions.

  • Awesome, thank you!

  • @amethystpendant even worse than compiled .pyc are .pyd dynamic libraries. They can't even be run through an uncompyle process to generate uncommented source .py files. Pyd is also locked to an exact version of python bundled with Poser, so an upgrade will definitely break them permanently. I cite Weird Juice's "Drops" script, an early metaballs implementation for Poser 6 or thereabouts, as an example of this.