Black splotches on final render

  • @englishbob

    Ok, people keep bringing up subdivision and I see various things in Poser for it, but what is it and how do I apply it to the figure/textures?

  • If the surface is a figure, go to the properties tab with the body selected, and you'll see subdivision sliders for preview and render (meaning you can set the render subdiv higher than the preview level). If these are greyed out, go to the figure menu and select Poser unimesh from the skinning method entry.

    Some figures such as vehicles or buildings will crack up when subdivided, and sometimes it doesn't improve the situation enough, so it's not a universal solution.

  • @cujoe_da_man, yes, its the first digital virus that infected images of human skin.
    As a next step i would make some tweeks inside the scene AO Option Dialog.
    There are three values, max Distance, bias and Num Samples.
    I go for indoor scenes with a Max Distance 0.5
    Bias 0.5
    Num Samples 6-12
    and i would tick on the Evaluate in Light.
    The Max Distance defines how far a AO will get in relation to the surface of an object in poser.
    One has to play a bit with the values but this settings should kill all unwanted artefacts.

  • @marco said in Black splotches on final render:

    @nagra_00_ , i really think SM Developers have changed the FF Renderengine in PP11 for the better.
    The big change to SF and the integration of cycles materials into the program in mind, i found FF more responsive and faster. The SSS Materials are rendering better then ever.
    And if one has to tweek some materials from older files, its nothing in comparison to the extensive changes one has to make to get some decent results out of the cycles renderer.

    I don’t agree. As @englishbob said, they broke something by updating the ray accelerator that can not always be fixed by the user. And in the Mac version the ’ks_microfacet’ node is totally broken. The node works only for a roughness value of 1.0 for any other value it does not produce any output. This is a no go for me.

  • @nagra_00_ , ok, i can not speak in regard of any Mac Issues, because i am on Windows my whole digital live.
    Whats the thing with ray accelerator? How can i notice whats been broke?

  • @marco

    Ok, here's the render with your recommended settings (ignore the line, I've been doing a spot render specifically on that one area because it's the trouble point):


  • @marco said in Black splotches on final render:

    @nagra_00_ , ok, i can not speak in regard of any Mac Issues, because i am on Windows my whole digital live.
    Whats the thing with ray accelerator? How can i notice whats been broke?

    Here is one example i run into. The scene was created in Poser 11 and shows strange artifacts on the street. BTW It does render perfectly in Poser 2014.

    The only way to get rid of the artifacts in this scene (and i tried really anything you can think of) was to hide the cars as shown in this render:

    Problem is you never know when this happens and whats the trigger for it.

  • @nagra_00_ hm, never saw this befor. It looks like FF in PP11 deformes the geometrie like displacement maps do.

  • @cujoe_da_man hm, better but not good.
    I have a link to a tutorial for lighting poser scenes in FF
    It explains how to kill artefacts in FF Renders.

  • @marco

    I downloaded that and I'll be checking it out later :D

    So, here's what I have so far, I took englishbob's advice and tweaked some things and this is what I ended up with:


    I can juuuust see them there, but I think to anyone else, they wouldn't notice them. I'd be happy with this result, but I'll keep playing with things and seeing what I can do with it :D

  • @cujoe_da_man this is an major change for the better.
    Did you reversed all of my setting succestions or did you put englishbobs's advice on top of it?
    I ask because it seems a really good solution for this kind of problem and if needed, i want to re-create it.

  • @englishbob & @cujoe_da_man there is one small caveat with changing a figure to Poser Unimesh skinning, in that, if the figure used geometry switching, i.e. a dial to control replacement of a body part with different geometry (e.g. claws or gloves instead of hands, etc.), that function is incompatible with Unimesh. Other than that, go for it. Subdivision is cryogenic! [Super-cool, man] ;-)

  • @marco

    I left your suggestions in as well, I need to compile everything here in all the single steps and test them all in different combinations to see if I can narrow down what it is.

  • @cujoe_da_man thank you for the information.
    Did you read the tutorial? Hope it was usefull.

  • @marco

    I haven't read it yet, but I did get it downloaded, I shall be checking it out soon :D