Help needed please - some very strange goings on.

  • A plea in desperation before I have to delete all and re-install for the second time.........….I recently made a complete mess of my POSER program whilst trying to move the program from my 'C' drive to 'D', I consequently re-loaded the program onto the 'C' drive. Having carried out the re-load I have today started to use the program again but have certain odd anomalies. Lots of the content from my DAZ3d program seem to have migrated from DAZ to POSER automatically, strange. Many of the images I try to load, wont but I am presented with my file explorer as if I want to load or save something and I also get a message in a grey box stating that the file could not be found and do I wish to continue to search for it, some files load, some do not. Finally (I hope) I have loaded LaFemme but my screen is a light grey colour and the figure appears like a misted out wire frame. I do realise that somewhere along the way I've been a bit of an Ultra-Maroon by clicking on things I don't understand but I godda learn somehow. I would attach a picture if I could work out how. Could some kind person help me sort this all out please? 0_1556895831131_Capture.JPGlafemme.JPG …………..Ah done it - I think.

  • Check the Display menu and make sure you don't have wireframe/hidden line/lit wireframe set for the document & figure styles. If either are set them to smooth shaded or texture shaded.

  • @rlowens68 Hello. how are yu today? Thank you so much for your helpful reply, as you can see from the pic I have managed to sort out the image problem by following your instructions. I now need to get the back-ground back to it's original state. Can you help with that please? Is there a way to 'reset' POSER and bring it back to the original screen? That would be so helpful. Thank you again for your kind attention I am most grateful.0_1556974940332_Capture.JPG POSER2.JPG

  • @catdancing If I recall correctly, the "background state" involves having the The Construct prop in your scene.