Trying to reset my POSER layout to the original.

  • Is it possible to reset POSER to 'Factory' settings please? I have an odd situation on the screen and I would like to be able to revert back to normal. Because I am trying to learn I keep making mistakes, it would be nice to be able to solve some of my problems myself without having to constantly bother the POSER community. I'd like to recover the normal POSER layout - Thank you and have a nice day................................1_1556979033710_Capture.JPGlafemme.JPG 0_1556979033710_Capture.JPG POSER2.JPG

  • Edit menu --> General Preferences --> in the dialogue that pops up .. Document Tab --> Launch Behavior Section --> Check the "Launch to factory scene" radio button.

    In the Interface Tab --> Launch Behavior Section --> check the "Launch to factory state" radio button.

    Click "Ok" button on bottom right of dialogue box. Restart poser. Should be set back to factory defaults.

  • Thank you again for taking the time to reply. I did manage to find this solution myself by searching and clicking and experimenting, which is what probably caused the problem in the first place. I also remembered reading in one of the forums about how to not have Andy on the screen at every start-up. The forum is a great place to learn from I just hope the more experienced members don't get tired of offering help and guidance.............Best wishes.

  • After you have everything set up how you like and a scene you want as startup. Go back to the previous areas .. click set preferred scene and check "Launch to preferred scene" in Document tab and "Launch to previous state" in the Interface tab. This will load the UI how you saved it when you close poser. And use the scene you set as startup every time you start a new scene.

    Restart poser again for changes to take effect.

  • Generally, we find no bother in helping new users of Poser.

  • Some of us (Vilters) just aren't very tactful.

  • Near the bottom left hand corner of the screen in the standard startup are 9 "dots" labelled Ui. If you click on one of these it will show itself as checked. Now if you move any window etc and click on the checked dot the ui will revert to the state you first clicked on that dot. I always click on the dot when I first install poser and stat in the default ui, so that it's easy to go back to it if I do anything silly.