I might be getting a new Computer, how to manage license ?

  • The Art studio might be closing due to Brexit/lack of funding, and might get given/sold one of their iMacs , I find the liscence manager on smith micro hard to use... How many computers can use a single license ? is it 2 or is it 3 ? How could I apply for a license that i can install on an extra computer, if there is only 2 computers. I currently use which is a windows 7 PC/hackintosh + Macbook Pro , with poser11 installed in Mavericks...

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    Hello, every serial number can be used on 3 systems.
    Log in with your serial number and add a fresh system.

    If you have more then 3 systems, you can always buy an extra serial, or in case you want to replace one system by another, you have to deactivate one on the old PC, so that a slot comes free, and then add a "fresh" third system.

    Base is that each serial number can have 3 users.
    Best regards, Tony

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    I did some more tests, and it seems that the download manager and licence manager are having some issues today.
    I filed it so SM.
    Sorry for the trouble you are having.