Fitting Room Conversion Issue

  • I do a lot of "what would X article of clothing look like on Y character" playing around. I run into the same issue often, but not always.

    The item converts fine, but when I go to bend the arms, it's as if something is pinching parts of the model and preventing it from bending. Here's a screenshot of what I see often:

    In this instance, I was converting to V4.
    As you can see, bending an arm creates the problem. I'm sort of at a loss as to what I should be looking at to try and fix/adjust it. The problem is random. I can take a clothing model and fit it to one character and it's fine, and then fit the same item to a different figure and the problem happens.

    I'm assuming it's a joint/setup/bones issue, but I don't know where to start looking to try and fix it. Any guidance for a solution would be appreciated. Thanks.

  • You need to change the size and/or location of the innerMatSphere and OuterMatSphere. Often it takes very little adjusting to fix the problem. Select the misbehaving part of the clothing and open the joint editor. In the top left corner there is a small arrow. When you click it you can choose between Bend, Twist, Front-Back and some others. In this case you'll probably want to select Bend. In the document window you will now see a red and a green circle. These are the MatSperes that you need to adjust. I suggest that you try the green InnerMatSphere first. Click on it to select it and then you can adjust it in the parameters window like a body part. Oh, and save your work before you begin! It is easy to make a mess when you first try this.

  • What MatianneR said is something you can do, but there may be an easier step to do first. You don't say if you copy the joint zones from V4 (or whoever the new figure is) to the clothing once you return to the fitting room. If you're not, then try that first. It may save you some work. If you still have problems, then follow MarianneR's advice.

  • @marianner That got rid of the "pinch". I think I created some other joint issues, but I can play around with it to fine tune it. Much appreciated!

    @redphantom That was the first thing I tried...hehe. Didn't fix it though.

  • Good! In my experience you often have to play around a bit with the settings to make it work.

  • I've had issues like this. I tracked it to morphs and subd. With subd to 0, everything looks and bends fine. With subd higher, some points just go weird.

    Because of this (for fitting) I do everything, including (especially) any hand done tuning morphs with subd off in the source. After everything is done, When the source is saved, it seems to automatically match the subd of the target figure.

    Example of what I experience: 0_1557189473510_Screen Shot 2019-03-08 at 2.12.21 PM.png

    With subd off: 0_1557189510077_Screen Shot 2019-03-08 at 2.11.42 PM.png

    The explosion only is seen when subd is on AND the figure has joints that are rotated. Unrotated, everything looks fine. subd off and figure rotated, everything looks fine.