Tattoo Issues

  • While I still can't make a fur coat, I have been able to apply tatoos once I had hold of the UV Texture Template Map. Until now. I've been using Snarly's EZskin2 because I love the way it makes skin look however, I can't follow his material nodes to find THE V4 texture map that I can apply a tattoo to. Where should I even begin? Here is a quick snapshot of the material file for EZskin2. (I like firefly)! 0_1557259513444_Greek2me.jpg

  • @maestro a couple of things. First got to remember that tattoos are part of the skin. They are not decals on top of the skin so you want to take your skin texture map into Photoshop or Gimp and put the tattoos right on the skin maps. you will have to blend them a bit with the skin texture . Second, most of the sss skin shaders out there use a red filter to force the shaders to NOT work on things like eye brows (because that would look wrong if they did.) This makes things like tattoos and eye makeup look wrong. What you have to do is in addition to the map with the tattooed skin texture in the shader you'll have to load up the skin maps that do not have the tattoos and use them as input to the red filter.

    Also, EZSkin2 works but EZSkin3 is better for Poser 11 and there is a great shader that was made by one of our members @bopperthijs . Take a look at this thread.

    here is an example of his shader with my tattoo hack.

  • @maestro once you get settup with ezskin3 and the new shaders come back and I'll explain my hack with material room pictures.

  • @maestro Now that I've taken a second look at your post I see you are in FF. Sorry to hear that, mate. Maybe someone here using FF still can help you out.

  • @maestro are you familiar with the layer system in the Material room?
    If remember correct, there is a YT Video from Marc Brumer or Bromor, don't remember the Name, that deals with Non-Destructive texture manipulations like scars, all kinds of fluids and tattoos.
    Not sure if it works with FF but i thought it might be helpfull to know.

  • You should follow that jade green line from the diffuse colour input - although the diffuse value is set to zero, that's for the benefit of preview mode, and whatever's on the end should be the texture map you're looking for. That's how EZSkin3 does it anyway, I suspect your nodes will follow a similar setup.

  • 0_1557350142896_tattoo.jpg

    To add a tattoo, you'll need to add the nodes indicated with the blue arrows. The one I labeled skin image should already be there, but you'll need to change where it's plugged in. Then plug them into the 2 in red. They will probably be found under the color map when you first run ezskin. Scroll to the side to find it.

  • @ghostship Thanks for answering anyway! I don't mind using Superfly on occasion but since I'm starting work on my comic again, I'm back to what I'm used to.
    @englishbob I did try following that green line. I came up with one map. I changed the texture map to one with the tattoo on it (As until this thread I had no idea how to apply a tattoo. Either I did something wrong or it's not the right map as the skin texture map is repeated in several places.
    @redphantom That looks very promising and easy to follow. I have to get some rest before my graveyard shift (ugh) but I'll try it as soon as I get back. I want that tattoo right above her right bum cheek so it will be hit or miss for a bit but I'm getting the hang of such things. Thanks!
    @marco Googling Marc's name or Non-Destructive texture manipulation youtube that referred to Poser or the Material, came up empty. Better Intel is needed but thanks.