V4 to PE Character Project - Partner Needed ASAP - WILL PAY!

  • Hi folks,

    Well, after much faffing and fiddling about, I've just about exhausted myself trying to get PE looking identical to Annie, my V4 character.

    I am in desperate need of a partner to work with me on this and am willing to pay someone to do this!

    I have the materials more or less done, but can always tweak those myself without issue. The body is acceptable and, although it is a bit different, I think it looks more natural and realistic. The main problems I'm facing are with the head morphs and Exnem's body hair, which is basically a skin tight body suit made in multiple sections, consisting entirely of geometry-based hair strands. There is no 'body' to this product, so fitting it is proving taxing. The morph brush doesn't work for me, as it flattens the hair strands.

    If anyone is able to help me with this, please let me know as soon as you can. As I mentioned, I am willing to pay you for your time and expertise, just name your price and we'll go from there.

    Thanks for reading.

  • One suggestion with the morph brush: try using the push/pull to surface with small enough brushes. This just moves all the points towards or away from the surface, without flattening features that are perpendicular. I use this on clothing a lot, that has mesh-baked features. For instance, the edges of clothing, where the mesh folds under to provide thickness. I also use a really small brush, with small magnitude to smooth the resulting mesh without flattening.

  • Thank you for the tip, I've tried all I can, I think I just need a fresh set of eyes and someone with experience. I'm quite surprised that this hasn't had any responses, to be fair. I'm not sure if folks think I'm trolling or what, but I've never known any artist to turn down a reasonable sum for work. Maybe times are good for everyone, which is good in itself!

    I'm serious, folks... Annie is my character and if I can't work with her, I don't do much of anything. I've hardly used PE at all, besides trying and trying and trying to get it looking like Annie. If I can't do that, no matter how absolutely amazing the figure is, I've wasted all of my money.

  • Is anyone able to help with this, please?

  • @glen85 said "please?"

    Let me see if I understand what you're asking for:

    You're wanting to morph PE to match an existing character you created from V4, right? Are we talking a face morph or a full body morph? ...OR are you wanting to create a unique character with PE rigging that uses your existing characters mesh?

    The only version of PE I have is the original free release ( I couldn't get her to fit seamlessly into my workflow, so I didn't purchase.) If this can be used, for morph creation, I'd be willing to give it a shot, in my free time, no charge. This seems to be an important endeavor for you, if I can make that happen, it's payment enough for me...

    I've been modeling and animating for around 25yrs(?), started with 3dsMax v2, Poser since P2. I was one of the first to morph the poser Dork into something presentable, created one of the first full body morphs for poser(fatman @ Renderosity). I've created rigged or re-rigged many characters,,, human, animal, alien, reptiles, bugs... in Max, Poser, Lightwave and others. In short I'm a worn out old man, slow and meticulous... LOL

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    Morphs made with the free version of PE can be used on the bought version.

  • Hi @JAFO

    Thank you very much for your offer!

    Yes, I have a character morphed for V4 and have been trying to morph PE to match. I've got the materials to a somewhat satisfactory level for starters and have tried my best, all things considered, but am completely stuck, especially on her face.

    I think the main problem lies in the way PE creates a smile, or really anything where the mouth opens. The cheeks are completely wrong. No matter how close I get the resting face to match the V4 version, as soon as I try to create an expression, it might as well be someone entirely different.

    The body is very different too, but I actually think it's more realistic. Annie is fairly short (especially going by the default V4 height, which is hilarious) and has a slim to athletic build with naturally hanging boobs. Considering she has a background in gymnastics and keeps up with fitness and a healthy lifestyle in her stories, I believe this image is important. She also likes to keep herself as natural as physically possible, so she never wears a bra for any real length of time and keeps all of her body hair (hence the boob shape and Exnem body hair necessity). I think I prefer the shape I've created with PE over that of V4. It's a bit different, but generally more realistic, I think.

    I'll post some comparisons in a bit. Thank you very much again!

  • V4 - PE



    PE nude with a workaround for the facial problems... :P

    ***=NSFW content***

    click to show

  • Oh and I should mention that, in the first comparison, I'm trying out an adaptation of the eyebrows, so as to make them more natural, as I wasn't keen on the plucked ones of old. They need a little bit of work though.

  • Have you tried putting the two in the same space and making them semi-transparent and contrasting colors? When I copied some old characters from M3 to M4 I got my facial features all sized and situated that way. No textures, just a solid color at about .5 transparency to start with and you can adjust as needed depending on how well you can see what you're matching up.

  • @glen85 you've done a pretty good job so far, those eyes may be the main problem. I'm not familiar with the way Ero handled the modeling and rigging in that area but I'm sure its do-able. I may have to chop up the mesh and re-assemble/re-weld it to get the job done, we'll see, not that big a deal really.
    I may have a solution for your body hair issue as well...

    Unfortunately, I have a death in the family I must deal with for a few days, I'll get back with you asap.

  • @minyassa Thanks for the advice. This is kind of how I did it, actually. I experimented with many different ways, including viewing with the outline view for the face profile etc.

    @JAFO I'm terribly sorry to hear of your loss, please take all the time you need, absolutely! Thank you very much for this.

    A couple of things to note about Annie which I haven't touched upon with PE yet is she has quite small teeth and a very long tongue, lol! I'll try to link to some renders on my DA page which give reference to these features (posting images here is a PITA with the limits).

    Please be aware that some may require the free membership to view, due to NSFW content.







    And here is an early version from before I made her tooth scaling:


  • @glen85 Maybe you're just making your goal too specific to PE. If it's the bending you want, Sasha-16 gives that to you with full V4 compatibility. If you like PE's body shape, Ero's clothes mannequin at ShareCG has an INJ morph that injects PE's shape into V4. I still don't get the problem with the body hair because you should be able to parent that wherever you want it. Cheers.

  • I've bought and paid for PE and wish to support Erogenesis in his work, that's the main reason. With so much focus on the Daz products and Genesis etc, I've strongly considered ditching Poser entirely, with the comparative lack of support, but Ero's work has helped keep Poser users busy, myself included, and I wish to support that.

    As for the body hair, do you have this product? If you're suggesting simply parenting it as a prop, that won't work, as it is an all-over, skin tight 'suit' in multiple separate pieces, as seen in my example renders above. The shape has to be there first, in order to parent the pieces. In fact, it is so fiddly to get right, even some aftermarket V4 morphs messed it all up and require post editing to fix. It's a terribly delicate thing to get right, as it's not forgiving in the slightest, unlike clothing which can stretch slightly at joints, because should this stretch in a way it wasn't designed to, it winds up creating stretched polygons which look horrendous and glitchy.

  • @glen85 Sorry for the delay.
    I've been trying to figure out how to contact you via site mail to keep private info out of public view, but haven't found it yet. If you know how to start a session please feel free to initiate.
    It's probably best to start with the scene file you've been working with other than starting anew. I'd like to first tackle the base mesh and work out the conflicts with existing PE morphs you mentioned earlier.
    As far as body hair, I suggest we abandon geometry based hair, and morph issues inherent with it, create a new conforming figure with just enough geometry/vertices to get the job done and grow strand hair from that. I have V4/M4 figures I've done this with and it's worked out well, the hair follows the underlying geometry without the need for morphs or dynamic simulation.

  • @jafo It's really very easy to start a private Chat. All you need to do is click on Glen85's member name, which will take you to Glen85's Profile page. On that page, over on the right, you'll see a blue circle with 3 white dots. Click on that to get a number of options, and the first one is to start a Chat.

    Hope that helps.

  • Thank you both! I will reply via PM shortly. If you have PE then that's fantastic. If not, I'll see what I can do to get it to you... I'm not sure if I can purchase it as a gift or not, it might mean speaking to @erogenesis to see if he knows how we can go about it. As you've mentioned abandoning the Exnem body hair, that obviously won't be an issue.

    I should mention that Annie has many different morphs and other vendor items, so I'll need to go through and catalogue everything I've used and see about getting it all to you above board. Although most of her is made by me, I've used a ton of stuff as a base to work from, including her materials. I have wanted to create all new materials for her, but I've been pretty stumped with them. I wanted to go so far as to use my own irises as a base for hers, changing the hue to match her baby blues, but I can't seem to figure out photographing my own eyes without speculars, which is a bum ache!

    I'll PM now, thanks a million and I hope you're doing well. Thanks to everyone!