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  • @adp I want to initiate a RayTrace Preview, wait till it has completed, and then call an OS routine to screen capture it and save it as a PNG file in a single action. I can currently save a completed RT Preview, but have to manually click to Refresh and wait till it finishes.

    The entire scenario is necessary because QueueManager Renders cannot replicate Live or background renders because the save-to-file process for the queue corrupts the file, leaving pokethrough artifacts, because it re-orders inherited deformer evaluation orders during scene save and load. This is a bug which has been around since Poser Pro 2014, at least, but no one notices because they don't push the envelope quite as hard in the particular directions I do ;-) It also took me years to figure out that it wasn't my fault that fitting poses didn't work correctly when applied to re-opened, old scene files.

  • @anomalaus Maybe you can solve your problem while generating click-events. Not the most elegant, but...

    Here is a piece of code to generate a click-event in a known window:

            def click_test():
                window = app.frame.imgPanel.ImgWindow # get the window of interest
                ev = wx.MouseEvent() # create an Event Object...
                ev.SetPosition(wx.Point(100, 100)) 
                ev.SetEventObject(window) # Where the generated event is generated..
                window.ProcessEvent(ev) # Send event to the window.

  • I didn't try it, but it may also be possible to generate a button-click-event directly in the window/pane.