Poser Pro 11 - Can't find Viseme files

  • I have created an animation using the James character.
    I loaded a lipsync file and a text file; but when it asks for the viseme file, I can't find it... actually, I can't find any of the viseme files at all.

    In the manual, I saw that it said they were located in the Runtime\Lipsync folder; but I can't find this folder either.

    Anyone have any ideas where they are located?

  • @rpsdev
    Well, that's exactly where I see it in my installation of PP11.


    That said, I don't have version 11.1 installed, but if the manual states that's where it's installed, I can't see why the LipSync folder would be moved in the newer versions of PP11.

  • @miss-b

    The only thing I can think of is that there are two runtimes installed in Poser.

    One of them is installed in the Program Files folder for Poser. That location does NOT have the Lipsync folders in because anything in Program Files is protected installation folder

    SO .... whatever location you installed your CONTENT FILES into should be the one that has the Lipsync folder. And I believe Content is installed somewhere in a <user>/whatever/Poser 11 Content runtime folder.

    I also am trying to remember if they are installed with the base program, or the support files installer. But if you have the manual I'm assuming that you did install the support files.

  • @deecey Ohhh, I hadn't thought about that, since I haven't installed ANYTHING in Program Files since leaving my old WinXP laptop about 7 years ago (except for those Microsoft insists belong there, such as Skype).

    Now I have my apps installed into one of two directories at the c:\ root, one for 2D Applications, and one for 3D Applications, and I install everything manually when I can, so I choose where it goes. Even for the Poser Content installer, I tell it what Runtime to install it to.

    You make a good point though, as I don't know where the OP has her/his Poser content installed.

  • Thank you, everyone... not sure what happened, but after I saved and closed the file, then opened it again, all of the viseme files showed up in the drop down.

    Weirdness... not sure what happened there, but the issue is resolved!

    Thanks again for all the suggestions and assistance!

  • @rpsdev Glad to hear it's working. It's amazing how just saving and closing a scene ends whatever hiccup Poser is experiencing.

  • @miss-b

    I call them "burps" instead of hiccups. LOL

  • @deecey That works for me too. ~wink~