Freazypose/All Tied Up!/Easy Pose

  • Re: Freazypose - a free PoserPython script to add EasyPose controls to a figure.

    Really like the look of this product given that Phil C's All Tied Up! easy pose generator only works with Poser 9 or earlier, and is a pain to use. But I'm trying to work out in what state exactly a model needs to be to use Freazy pose? Do I need to fully rig a figure with bend zones et al before starting?

  • Off the top of my head it should work on any figure, but it will only let you add a set of dials for a single 'chain' of actors when you run it.

    By 'chain' I mean actors with a hierarchy something like

     - tail1
      - tail2
        - tail3
         - ...etc...

    I think you select (or specify from a drop-down) the first actor of your 'chain' and the 'code*' works out which actors form the chain.
    I think the rule I used was that each actor in the chain must have exactly one child.
    So e.g.

    • if tail0 had 2 children (tail1a and tail1b) there would be no chain;

    • if tail0 to tail7 each had exactly one child and tail8 had two(tail9a and tail9b) then the 'chain' would be tail0 to tail7.

    • if tail0 to tail23 each had exactly one child and tail24 had none then the 'chain' would be tail0 to tail24.

    *I use the term 'code' with caution - proper programmers should use peril-sensitive sunglasses when viewing my scripts ! "They're ropey, but they work!" Hey, that should be a tagline for all my scripts !

  • Note: all this script does is add ERC to a figure. I don't think it matters whether or not you have bend zones and all the twiddly bits set up correctly (or at all). But I'd guess that you must at least have the skeleton set up and all the figure's polybogs (I don't know how that word got in there - I definitely typed polygons!) assigned to the correct bone.
    The script will only add the ERC to the figure within the Poser scene. To save the ERC you have to save the figure as a CR2.

  • thanks for the responses!

    Ahh, so I need to set up a skeleton at least? Know of a quick way to set up a 200 bone skeleton? Is there a tool that you know of that simply subdivides a cylinder and adds bones evenly?

  • I never really create figures, so I have no idea.
    Best I can suggest is to maybe start a new thread, "Anybody know a quick way to set up a 200 bone skeleton?" or something similar.That should immediately catch the attention of those folks who might know ! :o)

  • @matb sean dodger canon seems like the bloke to ask... not sure if he's active here

  • Just had a quick play - when you go into Poser's Setup Room you either go through the tedious manual creation of each bone, or you can take the short-cut and load an existing skeleton (from any figure in your library) - once you're in the Setup Room simply open the Library panel and load the figure you want, getting that "Replace the current figure's skeleton? Note: this action is not undoable." message. If your geometry and the skeleton line up nicely (i.e. if you create your geometry to match a specific skeleton, or if you modify it to match) the Setup Room's Auto Group (in the 'Group Editor (Polygon)'tool) might do the fiddliest bit for you.

    But I'm not sure if there are any copyright implications in copying the skeleton of another figure like this ? Safest thing would be to check with the creator of the figure. I'm thinking that perhaps one of ajax' EP freebies ( ) might suit ?