Basics for adding UV maps and textures to model

  • I recently purchased some 3D unrigged models from CG Trader that I want to use in Poser Pro 11.1. I think I'm all set with the rigging process, as I've rigged my model many times over and am getting better each time (just successfully rigged my first set of hands) and am comfortable with all facets of joint editing.

    I now want to add UV maps and textures to the model because it's in a single color when imported from an OBJ file. I haven't quite figured out how to go about doing this and is probably very easy to do. The model came with 70+ photo quality textures, half a dozen UV unwrapped maps and templates, basic cloth wrinkles displacement maps and an equal number of displacement templates. So, I think I have all the pieces needed to build it, just no instruction on where all these additional files fit in with the model and in Poser.

    I first attempted to import just some of the texture JPG files in Misfit Model 3D since it works much better than Poser for vertex grouping for the rigging process. I added textures to vertex groups I created, but some of them, in particular the hands, face and eyes, did not seem to work correctly. So either I'm missing a simple step, or I need to use other software (UV Mapper, Poser, Adobe) to correctly wrap the textures and include it with the groups. I also want to use the displacement maps in the models clothing, but first I just need to get the wrapping and texture process down successfully.

    I know this has got to be as basic a question as any new user post, but I'm quite lost at this point. This forum has been extremely helpful in accelerating my learning curve and I very much appreciate any and all suggestions and pointers on this topic.

  • @shepdaddy So far, all the OBJ format models I've bought at CG Trader are UV Mapped. There would be the OBJ (mesh, uvmap, mat zones) the MTL file (mat definition. Kind of like a root node, in poser. The mat name, it's properties, and the texture, if there is one). Then the textures themselves. I've purchased models that are UV mapped but the MTL file is either missing, or does not connect the mats to the mesh. If that's the case, it's easy enough to just assign mats to mat zones in Poser. You will probably want to move the textures to the runtime/textures directory of choice (the same runtime that contains the CR2 you've made). Also, unless you've moved it, the OBJ that goes with the CR2 you've made will be in the runtime/libraries/character directory with the CR2. I usually move those to the runtime/geometries directory and change (text editor) the CR2 accordingly.

  • Thanks for the reply, thoennes.

    Two things I found with this model. First, it appears to have come only with an OBJ. I downloaded all available formats for this model and in none of the zipped archives did I find any MTL files.

    Second, I searched the folders where my model was saved and there was no CR2 file, only Poser scene file (PZ3) and PMD file with the same saved name. I was saving the scene to a non-runtime folder I created when I unzipped the model OBJ file. Anyways, I saved different versions (with and without props) of the same model to the Poser Library and now have CR2 files generated.

    I'll get the textures moved to the Poser runtime/textures folder and assign the mats to their respective mat zones and see how this goes.

    Thanks again for your help!

  • Do you have a 3D modeling program/software/app? You can import your model into that, create the materials if you need to, and when you export it, the MTL files will be created along with the export.
    Free modeling software:
    Wings 3D

  • Yes, I've been using Misfit Model 3D for creating vertex groups to prep for rigging in Poser. It works much better than Posers Grouping Tool. Anyway, I did add new textures in the program with the JPG files I got with the model. Misfit Model allowed me to add textures to newly created vertex groups and once saved as an OBJ, created an associated MTL file. When I import the OBJ in Poser, the model loads with the clothes and shoes i assigned textures to correctly, but the face, eyes and hands don't. And I think what's happening is the head, eyes and hands aren't wrapping to the model. Instead of the 2d head map being wrapped to the model in 3d, it's being wrapped in 2d (I'd have to get a closeup screenshot if your not sure what I mean). This part getting the model setup has frustrated me to no end

  • @shepdaddy Yeah, post a screen shot so we can get a better look at what is going on and offer some better advice.

  • Misfit Model 3D is an OpenGL-based 3D model editor that works with triangle-based models.
    That might be part of the problem. I will give you a link to the two modelers I mentioned. Wings is also open source and fairly easy to learn. Blender is about to release a newer version, but it's got a steep learning curve. Wings also has a fairly nice UV mapping tool set.
    I am not saying that modeling in tri's is all bad. But the contention is that for rigging and animating, you want to use quads. I am also thinking your tri's based modeler isn't reading the probable quad based model correctly.

  • Attached is the model's rendered head with the head and eye map textures applied and the 2D head map. Let me know if you want to see the 2d eye map

    0_1558554515854_HeadRender.JPG 0_1558554538401_HeadMap.JPG

  • @shepdaddy Yeah, the head isn't mapped to that texture. Here is another free utility that will show you what your texture map looks like. It's fairly basic and there is a pro version, but this one will let you see what you're dealing with. I think, from what I am seeing, the model is all tri's.
    Can you post a wire frame of that model so I can see it?

  • Oops, I forgot the link:

  • Looks like tri's to me, but then I'm not the subject matter expert. Here are a couple screenshots of the wire frame. I have both versions of UVMapper installed on my system. Just haven't had a need to use either one, until now.



  • BTW, I forgot to attach a UVMap of the head I got with this model in a JPG file...this is what it looks like. As I mentioned earlier, I think I have all the pieces to this puzzle, I just need to figure out how to put it together.


  • @shepdaddy The UV map is really hard to see.

  • @rokketman Ok, downloaded it and took a look. The head does indeed look like it was modeled in tri's, and your map is quads. It's either not for that model, or something went wrong with it somewhere between you downloading it and up to this point. I suspect it was taking the model into Misfit that did it. Since it's a tri modeler, it probably converted the mesh into tri's and that messed up your UV mapping.

  • Sorry bout that....hopefully this one is easier to see.


  • @shepdaddy Yeah, I got a look at it using GIMP to add a gray scale. As I said, this is a mostly quad mesh, and your figure is all tri's. I suspect it got converted in Misfit and that's why you can't get the UV's to work now.

  • Well, thank you very much for all of your help, and I can confirm you're absolutely correct. I opened in Poser the original OBJ that was downloaded and changed to wireframe and its all quad's. So Misfit Model is indeed converting the quads to tri's and changing the mesh.

    I need to look to using a different 3D modeler, like Wings 3D. I have Blender installed already and started to use it but it does indeed have a very steep learning curve and I really don't need such a powerful tool to do simple vertex grouping.

    Think Wings 3D will solve a lot of my problems. Thank you for that recommendation too.


  • @shepdaddy Any time. One thing I have noticed about the Poser community over the last 10 years that I have been a part of it, they are open and friendly and willing to help. I learned everything I know from the great folks here and other Poser forums.