Manga Studio 5

  • So I've been using manga studio 5 for a good few years now, it is my favourite graphics software for the type of things I create and I couldn't part with it. My current issue is that I bought myself a new laptop, however my copy of MS 5 is a disk format with a license code on it as well. I want to install it on my new machine as I paid for the software and would still like to able to work with it but I don't know how. Could anyone advise as to how to install this software as I can't do my work without it!

    Many thanks for any help

  • You should contact Smith Micro.

  • You have three options:

    1. Get a portable CD/DVD player and connect it to the laptop so you can run the installer. Or, you can copy the installer file on a desktop that has a CD drive, and then send yourself the files via dropbox.

    Alternatively, you can create an Image file the Manga Studio CD, send yourself the image file and run it as a virtual CD on your laptop.


    1. Download the installer and use your serial number with it.

    I would recommend this second option because it won't cost you anything extra. Unfortunately, I don't believe Smith-Micro supports Manga Studio any more and they probably no longer provide the download link for the installer. You'll have to find a source that archives 'obsolete' installer programs.


    1. Upgrade to the latest version of the program. These days, 'Manga Studio' is available as 'Clip Studio Paint' and you can get it from CelSys, the original developer of the program. The official website is:

    I'm not 100% certain but I think they will still honor registered 'Manga Studio' serial numbers for a discounted upgrade. Contact them first to be sure.

    You should have your registered serial number ready for any of the above options of course.