Morph transfer to cloth

  • Hello

    Is this the right tool to transfer morphs of a character to cloth for fitting? Does it work work any morphs of the figure, also my own made morphs?

  • Short answer, yes. But you will need to tinker with the settings to get results you'll be satisfied with.

    Also remember if you have any questions while trying to use it community members will be your only source as the author is no longer with us.

  • If you're using Poser 11 Pro, you can copy morphs directly from within Poser without extra programs.

  • @afrodite-ohki Oh. thank you. I will try to figure out that. thank you :-)

  • The option is in the Figure menu.


  • Here, let me walk you through it:
    -Load your base figure, then conform the clothing you want to copy morphs into.
    -(if necessary) apply the morphs to the base figure (if the morphs don't come loaded)
    -Select the clothing figure, and go into Figure - Copy Morphs From
    -Select the morphs you want to copy. I like to do it one by one, because the process isn't perfect and you might need to edit the morph (usually just smooth it)
    -Set the morph in the base figure to 1, select your clothing, find the morph and Edit Morph
    -Use the Morphing Tool to fix the newly created morph

  • Morphs copied from the figure are not always the best source.
    Breast morphs in particular lead to un-wanted artefacts.
    Your best chances are with an approach as I have applied to make the Prefitter, but here set up a variation range over morphs instead of over figures.
    Put the figure in a generic smooth catsuit (the geometry of the prefitter figure will do fine), and in the cloth room run simulations with the figure morphing to the FBM's you want for the clothing.
    Also do a drape in zero pose. For each simulation result export the geometry. For morphs that call for a size change, use magnets or scaling to change original Size 8 to Size 10 or Size 6 before simulating.
    Then use the result of the zero drape as basis and add the results of the simulations of the other morphs as morph targets in the suit. Smoothen morphs with the morph brush.
    In the sims make sure the suit can slide over the body with ease, so use low friction, and use ample offset.
    The result is that the morphs in the suit will represent how a garment adapts to a change in the shape of the body inside instead of being a projection of the change of the body.
    Like in the Prefitter, make your 'zero' a one body part figure for easy copy of morphs. Poser figures cannot copy morphs from props.
    Then of course you can use it again and again.


  • @fverbaas sounds like it's work enough that I'd rather copy the morphs like usual and then manually fix the part between the breasts (which is what I normally do) xD

    Specially as a lot of clothing (i.e. most of mine) has separate geometry parts that wouldn't work at all in a cloth room simulation.

  • @afrodite-ohki
    You do not simulate the end garment, but the (Prefittter) suit, to build the donor, mannequin or whatever you call it, that you can from then on use for all your creations.
    This rapidly pays off against fixing individual garments.

  • @f_verbaas Oooh. Interesting!

  • Thank you very much it seems to work

    I work with G2M DSON imported figures. You need to set the subdivion level of the figure to -1 before you copy the morph :-)