Using AO for non-lighting functions in Superfly?

  • In P9, I had a couple of shaders that rely on AO for non-lighting effects; one is a celadon ceramic crackle shader that is antiqued in recessed textures, another is a shader that puts moss in the recessed areas of a model using an AO node to tell it at what depth to spawn. I've noticed that these do not work at all in Superfly anymore and I am guessing it's because there's no longer a need for an AO node. But I'm wondering if there is still a way to do those calculations that will not require me to go get a degree in physics. Is there a trick to using the AO node to drive colors/emission/etc. in Superfly or are my old AO-based shaders just worthless there?

  • I've never tried it but read that you can set emissivity to minus values in SF to achieve an AO effect. Don't know if it works or will help you.

  • You could try plugging the two different textures into a blender node, then the AO map into the blend value, then playing around with the value to get it close.

    The Geometry node in Superfly doesn't have "pointiness" in the node, which can be used to do what you described as well... sigh...
    That came to Cycles long after Superfly was put in Poser.

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    Unfortunately, as for now, you can't drive anything with a AO node in Superfly.
    There is a AO node, but it is a shader, you can't use it to drive anything. It's just a useless shader.
    In the last Cycles iteration a real AO node has been implemented, but Poser Cycles version still has not. As well as many other useful nodes like pointiness as @shvrdavid noted.
    That's a pity, but we have a tronkated Cycles version :/

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    What you could try is to bake an AO map in Blender and connect that to the Emission slot the Physical root node. Just a test, might work for your purpose.