Ground in Poser11, Win7

  • Every time I start to move Andy around some, one or both feet will pass through the point where the ground is supposed to be. Sometimes both feet go to the same depth, some times one will go farther than the other. I have reinstalled Poser. Still no go. I'm stumped.

  • Maybe lower the ground prop instead. to the level Andy's feet tend to drop to... ?

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    Poser11 comes with the "construct dome" as ground plane.
    You can see how to get the most of it in my YouTube video's.
    This ground plane is no hard surface. Figures and props can drop through it. (Just like you can go "underground", we can in 3D too.)

    This "ground plane" should be at Y translation 0.000. => Select the ground, go to properties panel and verify Ytran at 0.000

    Select Andy and tap Ctrl+D => Andy's lowest vertex will "drop to ground".

    If you are doing an animation and want Andy to "drop to floor" in all frames, you can got to
    => Scripts => Utility => dropFigToFloorAllFrames

    For props => => Scripts => Utility => dropActToFloorAllFrames => This way the selected prop will sit properly "on the ground".

    Best regards, Tony

  • @vilters Thank you for your response. Y is at 0.000. I tried ctrl+D. That puts Andy standing on the ground, but if I lift him and lower him, he keeps going through the ground as if it isn't there. His feet don't stop at the ground.

  • @fridgitator what @vilters was getting at is 3D stuff isn't real and doesn't actually have hard surfaces that repel other 3D objects. You can even make Andy's limbs stick into his body. It's all an illusion. run away! Just kidding. You just have to pose Andy so he looks like his feet are coming in contact with the construct/floor.

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    Also, remember to play with IK enabled and disabled on the feet.
    It will NOT prevent him to go into cellars, (hell that is why the floor (ground) is no hard surface) but will give you more posing options.

    As ghostship wrote : There are NO hard surfaces in 3D, "Y" translations can go as deep as they can go high.

    But if figures/props go out of control? ? ? Ctrl+D resets them on the ground.
    And "ZERO FIGURE" resets the figure to its zero pose if IK on hands and feet are "disabled".
    Best regards, Tony