"The specified file was not be found" error?

  • Had Clip Studio Paint open, closed my computer, came back later and the computer wasn’t responding so I did a hard restart. Everything was fine, except Clip Studio Paint is doing this, but only with the file I was just working on. 0_1480663062256_csp.jpg
    Any suggestions on how to fix this? Really hope it's not a corrupted file.

  • check to see if the file was backed up before this happened. Go to Documents (or wherever the CELSYS_EN folder is) Go into CELSYS_EN and go to CLIPStudioPaintData. Look in the two backup folders for you file. If it's not there you might be out of luck. I haven't heard of anyone getting past this dialog box.

  • You're a life saver! I didn't even know there was a backup folder. I don't why this happened or how to fix it, but at least I didn't lose my work. Thanks so much!