Blank screen issue.

  • Can anyone offer advice please? I read a POSER tip that allows me to start-up without Andy on the screen. Firstly delete Andy then:- (Edit - General Preferences - Document - launch to preferred scene.) and thereafter POSER starts with an emply workspace. However, I inadvertently clicked elsewhere on the POSER interface and now have a blank lightish screen. I would be grateful if someone would be kind enough to tell me where I've gone wrong and further, tell me how to correct my error. I am able to re-set POSER to start with Andy so the programme can be used in the normal way.

    Thank you and have a nice day.![alt text0_1559738813604_BlankScreenCapture.JPG

  • For us to try and figure out what you clicked by accident, we need to see your full interface there ;)

    However, without Andy on the screen you should only -maybe- be seeing the ground anyway. So I have two possible answers from the information I have:

    Either you turned off the ground, which can be turned back on in the display menu:

    Or you can't see that the ground is there because you could have a Document Display Style on that doesn't let you see it in the preview window:

  • What I do is load the wooden mannequin figure, use Main Camera. Make the Main camera point at Figure. That usually forces the camera to actually see something in the scene. Then reset Main Camera to its default settings, if needed. That usually fixes issues when I am using a minimalist start up scene and I can't seem to look at anything.

  • Hi, good afternoon afrodite-ohki (Great name)
    Thank you for such a rapid reply to my query. As soon as I finish this note I'll be right on POSER.
    You have a great day.

  • @ibr_remote Hi and good day. Thank you for taking time to answer my question, I'm a bit of a newbie so I'll have to think about this one. Have a nice day.

  • @afrodite-ohki Hi again. I've had a good try at working this out but without success I'm afraid. I have this time included an image of my full interface for your perusal. The box appeard whilst I was clicking on various buttons trying to find a solution to my previous issue. I know, I meddle too much.
    Thank you again.0_1559744397019_FullBlankScreenCapture.JPG

  • The box you're seeing is a visual representation of your Light 1 - which is the actor you have selected. Poser tends not to add visuals to lights to not be in your way unless you select them - the line coming from the box tells you the angle of the Light/where it is pointing to.

    Things I notice in your screenshot that might be causing oddness:

    1. you are in the Cloth Room. That is where you would set up clothing dynamics - to have Poser take a prop and treat it as fabric to calculate its movement. In the tabs up there, click the Pose tab (under Edit menu, at the side of the Material tab). This is the main Poser room where you should be doing most of your work in Poser. Cloth Room could be trying to think you meant to make your Light actor a clothing prop and that might make other things not be shown for you before you set the simulation (which you don't want to do).
    2. Your Document Display Style seems to be set to Sillouette. That could make the floor not be visible. Try setting it to Texture Shaded (the second-to-last little ball there).

    If none of this works, I'd go back to General Preferences, select launch behavior to Launch to factory scene, restart Poser and then redo the deleting Andy thing to make a new Preferred Scene.

  • I also would go back to Default Factory seen and start over.

    What I've always done with each new version of Poser, is to delete Andy, and then save the scene as StartUpScene.pz3. The you can go into your General Preferences and click the Set Preferred Scene button, and check the "Launch to preferred state" checkbox on the Document Tab. Then go to the Interface tab, and click on "Launch to previous state", and click the OK button to save your preferences.

    This will make your saved Start Up Scene your "preferred" scene, and will make it the "previous state" for the next time you start up Poser. Once that's done, you won't have to delete Andy to get an empty scene each and every time you use Poser.

  • @miss-b I agree with Miss B. Best to relaunch Poser to the FACTORY state and start over. I did notice with your screen shot that you have no figure loaded. Are you sure there's even a ground loaded? Remember, you can always use the selected actor /figure window to be sure you have the correct figure or actor selected.