Issues with DAZ Character morphs (G2M)

  • Hello

    All new characters G2M DSON import I bought doesn't work correctly in Poser 11.1 pro

    The morphs don't work or only bodymporphs work but head morphs don't work.

    I installed poser on a new PC a year ago and copied all the content to this new PC. All old caracter morphs are working. But when I buy new characters the morphs don't work or only work partially.

    DAZ support can't realy help me. Maybe anybody here know this issue?

  • Unfortunately its look like no Poser 11 user can help; I personal use Poser 2014 pro and have no issues with The Genesis 2 figures. Did you really install all Files? Or maybe did you lost some DAZ files?

  • I have found the DSON Importer has it's own cache and sometimes doesn't refresh when there are new morphs. The cache can be cleared from the Preferences in the Scripts->DSON menu.