'Clay' Hair (Preferably Free)

  • Hello folks!

    I have a bit of an odd question here, so let me explain.

    I'd like to have a go at making statues in Poser, but I'm struggling with hair. Statues, obviously, are carved or cast, and don't have a great deal of detail in the hair. As such, most of the hair available is unsuitable due to the common method of using flat polys to create 'ribbons' to apply materials to. This is fine for rendering realistic hair, but not for carved or cast sculptures.

    So, I'm looking for some fairly long hair, preferably with some basic movement morphs and preferably free, which would work with a solid stone or bronze material applied to it.

    Does such an animal exist? I'd wager that you funny lot, with your extensive knowledge, will be able to direct me to something.

    Thanks a million!

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    Tried the old Poser hairs? Ya know those ancient Poser 2 and Poser 4 hairs.

  • Some of the hair for Star is modeled that way. I am not at that computer to look which ones thou. You could contact LittleFox and I am sure she would tell you which ones would work for what you are after.

  • Try the hair with the She-ra costume for Elizabeth 11, free at www.threednd.com

  • The old Poser hair and toon hair is great idea! Cookie hair. Some was just a big solid mesh, with a texture. Some was contoured solid mesh with texture. Cassy hair, Athena Hair, Alice Hair, China Hair, etc. They aren't strand and or ribbon.

  • Thank you very much, everyone, all sorted now! Now I just have to refine my stone material, which shouldn't be too much work now. :)

  • After reading your post a name poped into my mind.
    Mylocha has several items on cg share who fit your needs.
    All hair are mesh based, you can drop them into the material room and give them what ever you want to as texture or shader.