Poser Pro issue

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    Has anyone ever had this issue before. This was an image with 4 separate figures, but now they are all
    connected and centered on the screen. I have seen this happen a few times in the past, but can't figure out why
    this happens and how to fix it. Thoughts?

  • @kinkyhead I've had this happen to a file ones. worked on a file, saved, then opened it up later and everything was like this. Had something to do with EXTERNAL BINARY MORPH TARGETS. Make sure this feature is UNCHECKED in your prefs.

  • That's a corrupted file.

    This can happen if something goes wrong during the writing to disk: the file is cut off somewhere, and the rest of the data is lost.
    In most cases the objects are still declared and loaded (in the first block), but somewhere thereafter the all-important {figure} and {doc} blocks which put all the elements together are missing.
    Unfortunately such corrupted files are impossible to repair.

    However there's a small chance to rescue your file:

    Find out where Poser's "Temp Files" (-> General Preferences/ Misc) are stored.
    Open the folder and look for files starting with "pzSav_".

    These are created by Poser as a backup whenever Poser overwrites an existing file. If the write process is successful, the files are deleted afterwards. If something goes wrong (like Poser crashing in the process), these files stay there.

    If you're lucky, you'll find the backup of your corrupted file there.

    Good luck!