La Femme and clothroom problem

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    @rokketman First was ... La Femme (minus breast and bum chips), unchecked head and hands ... and I included the ground. Tried a second sim with same dress without deselecting chips ... no difference ... did not select ground either ... looked same as images)

  • @boni

    Not a La Femme bug. A Poser bug.

    It looks like you haven't saved your scene. For some reason yet unknown, you have to save your scene before doing cloth room calculations, otherwise the sim doesn't get saved. I am not sure when that little buglet started, but there is your answer. 8-)

  • Wait ... that might not be it. Because I do see that the dress is somewhat posed in the last frame.

    Are there any morphs applied that might be getting doubled in the last frame? That could be an issue too. What happens if you go backward one frame? Does the dress look correct? If not there might be doubled up morphs in the last frame.

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    @deecey once the sim is complete ... all the frames are "wrong".

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    @deecey ... ok ... did the same dress same basic set up ... but with V4 and worked like a charm. Hmmm. Going to try V4-WM.

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    @deecey 2 more tests. V4-WM, no problem. LF with file save as suggested, same problem. PE same problem. Works fine with V4/V4-WM.

    Note: will be off line till either early mornings this weekend or Monday.

  • which exact dress are you using? You said you are using a Fit LaFemme morph, did you zero that morph before the end of the sim. I have access to most of karatanas items and would like to check it out.

  • If the dress does not default to LF, you should move down the timeline a bit before you invoke the morph. Do not add the morph at Frame0/1.

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    It is the Mila dress, and I will try that next time I test the sim in my work machine.

  • Tr;y it with setting the lafemme morph to zero in the same frame you have the pose :D0_1560558036094_Mila Dress.jpg

  • Basicly, (assumng frame 15 for the pose), the dress fits lafemme in frame 15, if you do not remove it at that point it is doubling the morph

  • @willyb53 I've long noticed that. Why does it do that? I assume it bakes the morphs into the mesh, then, at the end, there's the new mesh, to which Poser applies the morph. Wouldn't you want all morphs to that mesh turned off after the first frame, since they're all baked in and the mesh is now something other?

  • You want the morph in the dress to decrease slowly to allow it to fit, zero at the pose frame, and from there it does final draping.

  • @willyb53 That's what I usually do. If it's something I'm going to use often, for a particular body shape, I export it as OBJ, then import it, and save the new prop, so I don't have to worry about fit morphs. "Tactically lazy"

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    @willyb53 Tomorrow I will try adding the fit morphs to the dress and resaving it ... One never knows what might trigger this problem or alleviate it.

  • What i usually do is: After the simulation i go back to frame zero and set all additional fit or style morphs back to zero. The advantage over the ’fade out’ approach is that you get the right cloth fitting for all frames of the simulation.

  • @nagra_00_ I do that if I need all the frames (for an animation). Still, would be nice to have a simulation check box that "bakes all morphs in frame 0, for the duration of the simulation). In effect, it just zeros the morphs for that mesh (which it knows) for the frames (which it knows).
    I had always wished for 1) elasticity of the mesh. There is resistance but no force actively trying to return the vertices to their initial position. 2) some way to create "thickness" easily.

  • Poser does bake all morphs into the cloth before it starts its simulation. I just verified it by dialing in a style morph at frame 15 of the sim. This is just ignored and has no effect on the simulation itself at all. And yes it would be nice to have an option that Poser would zero any additional morphs automatically.

  • @nagra_00_ It would have to, to run a simulation, no? The part that would be nice would be the "turn off the morphs" since they're obviously already accounted for. Ahh well. As a victim (content dev wise) of the very old "obj file name cache bug", where poser only matches first filename of obj and not the path/filename Along with many segfaults while doing things like splitting morphs, copying morphs, deleting morphs in the morph tool GUI, I kind of hope the "crash and burn" bugs are fixed before they add a checkbox. Just sayin' :D

  • @thoennes Technical it would be possible to add morphs to a running sim, well most likely not with this old sim code implementation.

    Crashes are the least concern i have. Posers poor runtime performance especially when it comes to conformers does really bug me. And in the last version they introduced a new performance bug. Switching from pose room to the material room sometimes (and a way too often) leads to long delays and with each switch between rooms it becomes worse. I have not found the trigger for it yet and the only workaround is to restart Poser.