Will Poser support the new Apple AR kit Motion capture frame ???

  • https://developer.apple.com/videos/play/wwdc2019/607/

    Go to second section in this video about 1/2 way thru. It seems like an easy slam dunk project that adds value to your product line..

  • It appears that it is presently geared towards IOS, so I doubt it.

  • @shvrdavid well.... IOS and MacOS are same team, now. I can only wonder how those team offsites go... :D

    Affinity Photo and Designer on a 12" iPad Pro + Pencil show what a good graphics app can be. And not subscription based (a payment scheme I will never support. You hear that SM??? Do that and you're dead to me.)

  • Yes, OS and IOS are going to merge. And with that there will be even more developers that drop Mac support.

  • Exactly. For me macOS already deceased with Mojave. An OS with no support for Nvidia cards and no CUDA is useless for me.

  • @nagra_00_ And I ain't got $6000 for a new machine that can't run an off-the-shelf Nvidia card. lol

  • @ghostship In direct comparison to their new monitor stand the new machine is quite cheap ;-)

  • @nagra_00_ Apple is a very weird company. Styling on the new mac Pro is lame. Looks like something out of a 1960's restaurant kitchen. Cost is way out of line for tech. Lack of nvidia support is inexplicable. It's like they don't want CGI people to use their machines. I've never seen any product (that wasn't a joke) like the monitor stand. It shows a detachment from reality that's on the order of "politician". Is there some weird disease going through the States, these days?
    I would love to replace my retina MBP. But I can't do without real function keys. And the new keyboard... Yuck. Lack of ports. Petite RAM and GPU. For way too much money.
    Is it just me... When Jobs was around, yes Apple was expensive but it was usually SOA. My 2012 rMBP is still powerful. Although there is only one part of it that hasn't been replaced at least one (one of the CPU fans). Literally, everything else has been replaced. Some of it, twice.
    Now... it seems like they're charging too much for "catchup" tech.
    Although CUDA.... A single source proprietary thing. Microchannel, anyone? DirectX. Metal... Anything to do with printing. Tech: the constant disappointment. oh well... Pays well :D

  • @thoennes Its also my impression that since Jobs passed away this company is getting worse. It was Jobs return and the technology from his NeXT company that saved Apple in those days… By declaring open standards like OpenGL and OpenCL deprecated they just raised the walls around their asylum. And to be honest, just let them stay in their Apple asylum i don’t care.

  • @nagra_00_ I certainly would not go long on their stock. They were elevated so high, they have a long way to fall before the board boots Mr. Cook.

    Biggest problem with Jobs (and his type) is that they do NOT tolerate anyone even remotely like themselves around. Because such a person would be just as headstrong and opinionated, if not actually talented. They can't mentor or even admit to themselves that their time will pass.

    Thus, there is no continuation after they're gone. Oh well.

  • @nagra_00_

    Well, as a mac user at home and a windows user at work I see the pluses for both. When you throw in the Android and Chrome books there is a very formidable group of vendors trying to capture the market. I used to laugh at the mac die hards in the 1990s when i was a Unix person. Now I am sorta a fanboy but there is a product and a price for everybody out there.

    I posted about the motion capture library that apple opened up because if a couple of phones can work as wireless motion capture equipment then that is a solution to a motion capture system for both mac and pc. I believe Apple invested in a lot of VR and AR companies so they do have a presence there.

    https://developer.apple.com/videos/play/wwdc2019/607/ At Time code 15:08

  • @artnyoga What i do see is that Apple is closing the doors for multi platform APIs and the range of supported hardware components. My impression is that as a result several cross platform applications are going to drop support for a Mac version. As i understood ARKit is iOS and Metal based. Both are proprietary technology…

  • @artnyoga well, to be fair, a couple of their phones are now a $2000 investment :D

    There's so much to like about the Mac (price not being one of those things). But their new HW and OS choices are making it harder with each WWDC. It didn't use to be this hard. It used to be largely price only.

  • @nagra_00_ CUDA is as well. As is DirectX. The thing I see is that CUDA is somewhat cross OS and can be used in a linux based render farm. While Metal is MacOS (and Apple HW only). That will never be used as a render farm. Barely used as a server.

    Then you have games. The "Apple Tax" of Mac v. Windows/PC for equivalent performance, plus upgradability makes any serious gaming a non-starter on Apple.

    What's left? Mobile? Apple no longer controls that market either.

    Yeah, wouldn't go long on that :/

    Too bad. I like MacOS. Still. Although the more they "IOS" it, the less I like it.

  • I also use mac at home and windows at work, and I prefer my mac. I really love it. I can't give it up.

  • @estherau ikr? But Apple... it's like they're purposely trying to make me stop using it. When I bought the rBMP, there was no question. Expensive but better than any other laptop you could get. Now, way more expensive. And not even the best (OS aside). And dropping OpenGL, viable nVidia. Is there any way a CGI person can justify a Mac any more?

  • Apple used to be good. I'm a musician and have left the Mac for some of the reasons this guy talks about.

  • @ghostship I don't need six different phones at $700 (at least) a pop. Apple has always been expensive. I remember back in the 80's a Mac Classic was at least $2000. I could buy a cheaper used car. That said, Macs were all I used for a LOONG time. Up until I got sick a couple of years ago, and needed mobility. THAT's why I left Apple. I still have a Mac on my desktop. My directory started out on my Mac, but I moved over to the lap top and started using that full time.

  • @eclark1849 yeah, back in 1987 I wanted a Mac Plus but Atari was making the 1040ST that used the same hardware for $900 AND it had built in MIDI ports and a color screen. Later I did get a Mac Quadra 440AV (at a discount because my brother worked at Apple) and kept using Macs till 2011. I think the current mindset at Apple is nostalgia for the old days when they were charging $8000 for the Mac II and IIcx. People see though that BS now.

  • I currently have three Mac products, but all showing their age. Haven't upgraded my iPhone 6S yet and from what I understand iOS13 won't be supporting them). I'm not about to spend over 1K for a cellphone. Not on a fixed income.

    I think my iPad will probably have the same issue. Oh well.

    And I have a 2016 Mac Book Pro that I got just before the layoff (for doc purposes). I haven't touched it since then, so it sits here most of the time. (sigh) But should I need it for whatever reason I guess it's still there.