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    It's been a few years now since I first started developing a male figure for Poser. Over that time he's seen countless revisions and modifications as I've worked on perfecting the geometry and overall anatomical shape along with working out what sort of rigging and morphing features he should have. My goal has always been to make him as easy as possible to rig clothing and add-on content for while still being versatile enough to incorporate as many body shapes as possible and retain a lightweight mesh. I never really intended this project to take nearly as long as it has, but I didn't want to rush the development and release something I wasn't fully satisfied with or that was less than what I thought it could be in terms of quality and appeal. I also took some breaks along the way to reassess what I wanted to do with it. I'd imagine for those who had shown interest before, this equated to me having abandoned the project. So apologies to anyone who might have thought that.
    So now that I've finally reached a point where I'm confident enough with him and his development is near completion I think its safe to start showing images of Orion in order to rebuild that interest.

    So this is Orion for Poser 11:


    He comes in at roughly 31K polys (medium resolution), and his geometry is designed to be easily morphable at its base level or pushed to 3 subdivisions higher for HD detailing. He has full facial rigging as well as additional bones in his pecs and a couple other places. He is also fully anatomically male, (with rigging and morph adjustments). No snap-on bits. Instead there is a morph to flatten everything to a ken doll lump, or tuck it away when clothed.

    He also comes with some starter clothing - such as the boxer briefs shown in the image, as well as a few other basic items and a body suit which I will give more details on later. I'm also working on a way to get Orion and his starter content to everyone that wants to support his development as soon as possible (within the next several days), and I'll be posting more images of him, the body morphs he currently has, and a bunch of other Orion content I'm working on. Time always runs short on me and I have to head to work here, so more to follow soon. Comments and questions welcome. Thanks for reading.

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    Great work. :) About time he sees the light. ;) :D

  • Wow, fantastic! And that's the base un-morphed shape? Orion clearly works out :)

  • Very well!
    Good to see him coming.

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    Wow, glad to see Orion coming ... Would love to work with him, you do good work!

  • @ambientshade Orion is looking wonderful. Unfortunately, I'm not a vendor, and the only clothing I create is usually for my own use, but I would love to play with him. ~wink~

    Besides, I like doing renders with new characters, and posting them in my Renderosity gallery. ~grin~

  • Would this obviate a "Le Dude"?

  • @thoennes I have no idea how long it took them to get LaFemme ready for public consumption, so have no idea how long it's going to take them to finish the male character. From what Deecey has mentioned, he's in the works, but I have no idea how far along. Did they start him before LaFemme was finished and in the store, or did they start him after LaFemme, and her initial goodies, were being grabbed up by folks? I don't think there's any way of telling when he'll be presented to the public.

    If Orion comes out before, all well and good. Ero's PE didn't stop LaFemme from being produced. Orion will give folks a good male character usable in Poser to play with until Gabe, et al., finish up the male partner for LaFemme.

    Of course, that's just my opinion.

  • @miss-b as long as neither of them have concave irides as their default, I'll be happy ;-) Human defaults, Disney characters by morph, please, not the other way around.

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    This is fantastic news Ambient!
    After all these years finally a release in sight!

    It was pretty perfect the last time I looked but I understand that you need to get the feeling that you have done anything in your power to make it as good as it can be.
    I know that this perfectionistic trait is rather a curse then an advantage from my own experience.

    I’m glad you finally found the confidence in your work to release to the public.

    I said it before many times but I will say it again your figures topoflow is something I get very excited about, I love that the topology follows the actual muscle-mass and doesn’t only rely on morphs for muscles which is a big advantage and the most professional topology I have seen in the Poserverse!

    By the way I’m still also looking forward to Venus...but it’s a good choice to release the male first at this time.
    But please don’t forget about Venus! Lol

    Well done!

  • excellent

  • Looking great! I'm curious about his face rig, if you wouldn't mind showing us.

  • @ambientshade OMG!! I am so excited. There is a big opening for a new male in the world of poser. I can't wait for him to be finished!!
    Love esther
    PS please keep us updated. is he weight mapped?

  • @estherau i would probably like a bit more in the way of polys as i like muscular detail and I don't like a puffy look especially the back. remember how apollo max got really panned for having a puffy back, and anton said "Oh I've counted up all the renders in the gallery that have the figure's back in them and it's close to zero" But people still complained a lot.
    how many polys does M4 have?

  • and yet, la femme is very popular and she doesn't' have much detail or impression of underlying muscle and bone structure. I don't really use her though.

  • @estherau ghostie just told me that 31 polys is more than enough for me.
    By the way, those are the best shoulders i have ever seen on a weight mapped figure.

  • @estherau please tell us more about orion.

  • @estherau There is no need for more polys just for muscles or other details. Poser 11 has Highres-Morphs for that.

  • @adp only if people make the hi rez morphs though. I haven't noticed many around.

  • @estherau said in For those wanting a new male figure:

    @adp only if people make the hi rez morphs though. I haven't noticed many around.

    La Femme?