"No" symbol when trying to draw anything

  • I am completely new, just got a Surface Book with pen, and bought Clip Studio Pro. I managed to complete one drawing, but the next day when I opened the program and selected my pen and settings, I got that red circle symbol with a slash through it when I point it over the canvas. I have tried everything I can think of, and have uninstalled and reinstalled twice. I have poured over the manual and start-up tutorial videos--I cannot figure out what has gone wrong. The pen will work fine in other applications on the computer, but it will not draw. I can't find any literature on this, and am hoping it is the simplest fix of something that I might have done wrong. Any help will be GREATLY appreciated!

  • ...and, I just went back and found out that I CAN draw on the first, saved, drawing. I also can put text balloons, it seems, on a new canvas with no problems, but as soon as I try to pick another tool like a paintbrush or pen, that red NO is back.

  • On your new canvas, try going to Layer>New Raster Layer (or Ctrl+Shift+N) to create a new layer and see if you can use the Pen tool.

    You can't do all things on all layer types. For example, Text layers are for text - no fills and no paint on a text layer. Vector layers are for vectors - no fills and gradients on a vector layer; and so on.

  • Clip studio has different types of layers (text ,3D, etc) which contain objects that can only be manipulated with the right tools. Make sure you have a raster layer selected when drawing, or choose Layer>rasterize if you want to convert one of these other layers to draw on.

    Other situations may make a layer undrawable - they can be locked deliberately (or mistakenly) to prevent drawing, you may have an uncommitted mode active such as transform, you may have an active mask or selection, or you may be using a tool inappropriate for the layer. (e.g. A layer set to bitmap i.e. Black and white, and you are trying to use a color dependent tool on it.

    Clipstudio also has alternative painting style called vector, which changes the behavior of brushes to provide several advantages (resolution independence and line editing) and tradeoff disadvantages (odd behaviors if you don't know how it works.)

    The trick I think is to get to know the basics of penciling/inking on standard color/greyscale raster layers first. Learn about mono layers, screen layers, vector, text, bubble, frame layers etc later. Videos are helpful for this. The latter tools are very powerful but also a bit confusing until you know how they work.

  • Oh. My. GODS. Thank you both to garlam and pavig for your patient and kind responses, not to mention right on!!! Totally works, and I've learned a LOT... sweet relief. And extremely good advice, to pace myself in truly learning the basics--I have a tendency to jump ahead and thus always feel like I am winging it. Have a great day! --Alene