Poserfusion for Cinema 4D r20?

  • Does the latest version of Poserfusion work the Cinema 4D version 20?

  • All plugins for r20 need/needed to be recompiled by the original plugin devs to work in r20.
    Heres a quote from them:

    To introduce this new API, compatability with older plug-ins needs to be capped. Existing C++ plugins that were build with previous versions of the SDK (R19 or earlier) will not work in Cinema 4D R20. Such plugins will simply not be binary compatible.
    So knowing that (SM) doesnt update their software that quick on the regular (though they did have one not to long ago), I think its still on the R19 SDK,
    edit : I did not get it to work at my job on the workstation upstairs, just tried so no.

  • @chk2033

    I'm not certain if the PoserFusion plugins have been updated since they were checked at early P11 release. R17 is the latest version mentioned in the manual.

  • @deecey
    Isnt there a different paid plugin (not by SM) that allows you to import your poser figs and scenes? interposer or something like that? if they updated (if there even still around ) then that would be another solution I guess.
    Oh nevermind thats real old just searched it.

  • @chk2033
    InterPoser Pro hasn't been updated since ... hmmm ... R17 or so. It's too bad, that was a great plugin.