Problems with La Femme

  • Good afternoon Graphics Forum. May I ask for assistance, advice and comment please? I have attached a pic of my first attempted use of La Femme, as you can see there is a problem. This is when first clicking on La Femme to bring it to the screen. I also get a folder from my documents as if I want to 'save' plus a small error box advising me that the file could not be found and asking if I wish to continue to search for the file. The image is also very dark as can be seen from the attached 'snippit' scan. I am wondering if I should delete POSER totally and then re-install from scratch. Please, any help and advice with this would be most gratefully received. Thank you and have a nice day.0_1560868588554_Capture.LaFemme.JPG

  • It looks like Poser can't find her textures - when it doesn't, it'll load a full black image instead.

    I suggest re-installing La Femme's files, keeping the folder structure from the zip.

    (Also, avoid installing things into the Downloads Runtime like you have there, that sometimes creates problems. May I suggest creating a Runtime structure just for La Femme? That should keep your files organized as you start having more items in Poser)

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    Just curious ... could it be the display setting?

  • @boni
    Usually black surfaces appear when Poser can't find the textures. Especially given that Poser is prompting him to locate files on loading.

  • You will have to reload her in Poser. And check your folders to see if the textures it's asking for are in it.

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    Here is something I've done before ... There are 4 zip files to download for La Femme. I've periodically missed one here and there and the needed texture maps could be in a missing file. Check your texture path in the material room and see where the texture is suppose to be. And check your downloads to be sure you have all 4 zips.

  • Hello Afrodite - Boni - Deecey……………. Hi, thanks for your response. I think I need to do a little more reading to try to understand your instructions. When I downloaded La Femme I didn't specify any particular file location it just appeared there. I think I understand what you say about downloading into the downloads runtime, I had hoped I had done that properly. I am thinking that I should delete POSER in it's entirety and then re-install it. I will try re-installing La Femme and take care to place it into the correct folder. Boni, I have checked my display, graphics card etc but thanks for your input.