Paul figure dialed body question

  • I used the Dev version of Paul CR2 and created a dialled body shape. I saved the CR2 using External Binary Morph into my working runtime. My question is this: can I distribute the CR2 only, and leave out the PMD file ? Will users be able to load my version of Paul's body shape ?

  • @ibr_remote As far as I know, if you saved with PMD, the PMD will be needed for the morph, as that is where it is stored. You do have the option of turning this off, which will store the morph in the CR2(and make it a bit bloated - the CR2 not the morph).

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    If you saved using External Binary Morph, you will need the pmd file.

    To distribute without the pmd and keep file size under control try the following:
    In General preferences set :
    Check : Use file compression
    Uncheck : Use external binary morph targets.

    This will give you a crz (that is a compressed cr2) that incudes all data and does not need the pmd. (All will be included in the crz.)
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  • @Teyon Noted, thanks. Only a dialled body morph ( no new morphs created), but still will need the PMD file if saved using External PMD function. got it.

  • @vilters I see. Yes, I understand that approach. There are no new morphs added, just a re-dialled version of Paul figure. Should come up to similar file size as original, even when compressed. Thanks for responding.

  • @ibr_remote

    Hmmm ... if there are no new morphs added, I'm thinking the best way to distribute it would be to create a pose. That would create a REALLY small distribution file, since all it will do is apply whatever dial settings you used onto Paul. To create the pose:

    1. Dial in all the morphs you want to use for your character.
    2. Create or select the folder in the Pose library that you want to save into.
    3. Click the Add to Library button. Assign a name for the pose file (such as a character name)
    4. Choose OK. When you are prompted to add additional information, check the Morph Channels option (if you don't do this, the morph settings won't get saved in the pose)
    5. Choose OK. The pose is saved to the library.

    EDIT: If you do it this way, make sure that the figure is in ZERO POSE before you dial in the morphs. Otherwise the character's pose will get saved in the pose file as well.

  • @Deecey That's useful information, thanks !

  • For morph distribution I suggest you use the Export INJ option. This saves a pose and pmd for your selected morph(s) Nice and easy. Incidentally if you use this on a poser 10 compatible figure, the INJ will then work in p10 as well.

    Saving a scaled figure setting as pose does not always work 100% - if it comes out funny I us the following method
    Save your cr2. Open a copy in PoserFileEditor. Use the ConvertToPose tool with Pose option, select all bodyparts and make sure to add the Scale dials. Then save this stripped down file as a pz2 and test it in poser.

  • Ah, well... I don't have PoserFile Editor. Noted the procedure for reference, though. Thanks !